NBA Rumors: Will The Chicago Bulls Offer Training Camp Invitations To Stephen Jackson Or Kevin Martin?

One former NBA veteran is making a comeback bid, while another one is looking for a home. The Chicago Bulls have been the rumored destination for both veterans. Is it possible that the Bulls extend training camp invitations to Stephen Jackson and Kevin Martin?

The Bulls still have a need for a spot-up shooter in their lineup. It would be helpful if the shooter has enough length to defend multiple positions. Even if they are an average defender, that player could help the Bulls as they continue to reconstruct their identity. Fans who follows the NBA have wondered how the new players will fit in with the system head coach Fred Hoiberg has in place.

Hoiberg runs an offense which relies on pace and shooting. Bulls’ fans did not see Hoiberg’s system last season. And with the additions of Dwyane Wade and Rajon Rondo, Bulls’ fans will not witness it when the season begins in October. The Bulls inviting Stephen Jackson or Kevin Martin to training camp is a step toward changing things.

Stephen Jackson
Stephen Jackson has admitted to talking with Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo from the Chicago Bulls. He has the toughness that could help, but is his age going to be a factor? [Photo by Jeff Gross/Getty Images]

The link between the Chicago Bulls and Stephen Jackson came to fruition during an interview in Hoops Hype. The 38-year-old swingman acknowledged that he had spoken with Bulls’ guards Jimmy Butler and Rajon Rondo about joining the team.

“Well, actually not a lot of people know that Jimmy has been calling me. We’ve been talking for like three months now. Even [Rajon] Rondo has been calling me, they really want me on the Bulls team.”

Jackson’s admission may have come across as boisterous, but it caught a lot of attention.

Stephen Jackson on the Bulls would bring another strong personality for Fred Hoiberg to deal with. He could also provide toughness. Tough players who can contribute are always welcome. The biggest question about Jackson is how much does he have left? If Jackson still has any lift in his legs, he can help several teams.

According to the NBA rumors that are circulating, Jackson also has interest in joining the New Orleans Pelicans and New York Knicks. The Bulls may have competition for his services.

Kevin Martin
Kevin Martin is the perfect shooter for the Chicago Bulls' offense. [Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images]

Additional teams might be targeting Kevin Martin with an invitation to camp as well. That may force the Bulls to up their recruitment of him, if they are indeed attempting to lure him in.

Martin fits the Bulls’ biggest need, and according to Amico Hoops, the Bulls are interested in him.

In order for any parts of the Bulls’ offense to work there has to be shooters on hand to space the floor. That is more important now than it was prior to the signings of Wade and Rondo.

Butler, Wade, and Rondo are all players used to having the basketball in their hands. What makes them exceptional at their craft is that each of them are willing passers.

When Rajon Rondo is driving to the lane he is most effective when he can kick the ball out to a shooter. As the Bulls are currently constituted, Jimmy Butler will be one of the players looking for catch-and-shoot opportunities. Butler does not possess a reliable three-point shot. This puts the onus on Nikola Mirotic to be the Bulls’ deep threat, which is also no sure thing.

A chance at getting some meaningful playing time is what the Bulls can offer Kevin Martin. The selling point would have to be based on Martin playing with the Bulls’ second unit, while averaging close to 20 minutes a night. This gives Martin a chance to be rediscovered as a lethal shooter in the NBA. That could put him in line for better contract offers next year.

The feeling is that either Stephen Jackson or Kevin Martin will receive an invitation to the Chicago Bulls’ training camp. It is possible that both of them will be invited with a legitimate chance to make the Bulls’ roster.

Jackson has the slight edge on Martin due to his versatility on offense and defense, but it is his age that is worrisome. Martin is the better shooter. A combination of both could give the Chicago Bulls the right mix for a deep playoff run.

[Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images]