‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Veto Results, Finalized Bribery Plan In ‘BB18’ House, Eviction Voting Plan In Place

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Monday (August 29) now include the Week 10 Veto results. The BB18 house is down to just seven houseguests, so a lot was on the line for the Veto competition. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicole Franzel, who had won the Head of Household competition, also emerged as the Power of Veto winner. This kept all the power with Nicole, giving her the option to target any of the five people not involved in her showmance with Corey Brooks.

With all the power, Nicole had to decide which duo she wanted to work with after this week. What she ended up doing was making deals to keep all the duos safe. Nicole first promised safety to James Huling and Natalie Negrotti in exchange for the HOH win back on Thursday night (August 25). Then, she told Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo that she wants to work with them, setting up a final four deal in the process. The only person Nicole didn’t make a deal with this week is Michelle Meyer.

The latest Big Brother 18 spoilers, which reveal how the Veto ceremony transpired, will surely affect how the rest of the summer 2016 season plays out. The BB18 house held the Veto ceremony a bit earlier on Monday than usual, possibly to give the CBS live feeds a lot of drama later in the day. A new report from Joker’s Updates reveals that Nicole Franzel did not use the Veto, keeping the nominations the same for the “live” eviction on Thursday night.

So why did Nicole decide that it was in her best interest to keep the nominations the same? Her motivations stem from the three alliances that she has working for her going into the next HOH competition. Nicole is primarily teamed up with Corey Brooks, with the hope that he will become the next HOH and guarantee her safety once again. Nicole has attempted to secure safety with any potential outcome, though, which is why she is trying very hard to get Michelle Meyer evicted on September 1.

Coming into Monday morning, there were Big Brother 18 spoilers about the Care Package from the overnight hours. Nicole and Corey are planning to offer the $5,000 bribe to Victor Arroyo to get him to vote out Michelle. Nicole has become very paranoid that the BB18 house is working against her, and that Victor will jump to an alliance with James Huling, Natalie Negrotti, and Michelle. That would doom Corey and Nicole, and lead to Paul Abrahamian getting evicted next.

By the end of the next eviction ceremony, the only six houseguests remaining in the game should be Nicole Franzel, Corey Brooks, Paul Abrahamian, Victor Arroyo, Natalie Negrotti, and James Huling. The vote between Paul and Michelle could end up as a tie, meaning Nicole would then have to break the tie and evict Michelle herself. Then the next Head of Household competition will begin, with everything on the line for the five people who will be competing. It is at that point that one of the three duos is going to become a primary target for eviction.

By not using the Power of Veto, Nicole took the easy way out of her current situation. She won’t make any waves with the rest of the BB18 house, plus she won’t necessarily lose the vote of Michelle in the jury house. Michelle dislikes several other people more than Nicole, so it would come down to how the final two will look in four weeks. That might spell an end to the Big Brother 18 spoilers coming out until the next HOH competition comes to a close on September 1.

[Photo by CBS Big Brother/Twitter]