Jacqueline Laurita Thinks Melissa Gorga Is Bothered By Her Friendship With Teresa Giudice

Jacqueline Laurita surprised Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers last night when she decided to wear her big girl pants and accept the fact that she and Teresa Giudice will just have different opinions about the past. Melissa Gorga and the other ladies really wanted a fun spa weekend away even though Jacqueline and Teresa had just fought days earlier. But luckily, both ladies were able to put the past aside and Teresa realized that maybe Laurita had been rude to her because of what she’s going through with her autistic son, Nicholas. While Giudice knows that Jacqueline’s son is struggling, she doesn’t realize how big of a toll it is on the family on a daily basis.

According to a new Bravo report, Jacqueline Laurita is now opening up about her growing friendship with Giudice, and she’s happy that they can now put the past away and just focus on moving forward. And while she doesn’t have anything negative to say about Giudice, Laurita is noticing something in regards to Melissa Gorga. Whenever she talks about making up with Giudice, Melissa gets a look on her face.

“There’s something I’ve been noticing since the show has been airing that I didn’t see before: It’s the look on Melissa’s face every time Teresa or I say that we are communicating and/or doing well together or when we are saying nice things about each other. It’s been consistent. I think she was bothered by it,” Jacqueline Laurita reveals on her blog for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, according to Bravo.

“It may be where her animosity was coming from. She may have felt threatened or jealous of my friendship with Teresa. She shouldn’t be. Teresa’s relationship with me is completely different than Teresa’s relationship with Melissa. They are family. They should always be close for the sake of their family, their parents and their kids. That goes without saying, and I respect that,” Jacqueline Laurita points out on her blog, sharing that her relationship with Teresa is completely different.

Maybe Gorga is concerned about Giudice because she knows everything that she’s been going through. Giudice now has to become a single mother to four children as her husband goes away to serve his time. Joe Giudice is expected to serve just under 41 months. Maybe Gorga just doesn’t want Jacqueline Laurita to cause any more pain and suffering for Giudice by bringing up the past and bringing up past bankruptcy cases. And Laurita admits what she did was wrong and that their friendship does require some work.

“My relationship with Teresa takes effort, because we are not family. We are friends that have a long history of closeness then had a falling out. Teresa and Melissa never had that closeness. They are finally just opening the doors to getting to know each other now. One relationship should not interfere with the other. It was never my intention to take Teresa away from Melissa. It’s just a different relationship,” Jacqueline Laurita writes on her blog for Bravo.

On last night’s episode, the two made peace once again. It is clear that they both want to move on from their friendship drama, and Giudice doesn’t want to reflect on the past, according to People magazine. After last week’s episode, Melissa was shocked at the way Jacqueline Laurita was speaking to her about Giudice, saying that she had never seen this side of Jacqueline before. Maybe the future drama isn’t about Jacqueline and Teresa, but more about Jacqueline and Melissa.

What do you think of Jacqueline Laurita and Teresa making peace and finally moving forward? Do you think Laurita is right about the face that Melissa makes whenever she hears Teresa’s name?

[Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP Images]