Josh Murray Threatens Nick Viall On ‘Bachelor in Paradise’: Will This End Up Physical?

Josh Murray and Nick Viall have been having issues for a while, but tonight these two are finally going to get into it on Bachelor in Paradise. It will be so bad that Josh will threaten, Nick and viewers are worried that these two could even end up getting into a physical altercation. Buddy TV shared what you can expect to see go down on the show tonight with Josh Murray and Nick Viall. These two have not liked each other since Andi Dorfman’s season when she picked Josh over Nick. Then they both wanted to be with Amanda Stanton, and she picked Josh over Nick.

Tonight, Josh Murray is going to confront Nick Viall about the fact that he is questioning his intentions. The preview shows that Josh will end up yelling at Nick tonight saying, “I have a genuine relationship with that woman right now, and somebody’s trying to mess it up.” Viall will even admit he is concerned that Josh might not be totally genuine, which Josh responds to saying, “Just because Amanda doesn’t like you, doesn’t mean you have to hurt our relationship… You need to hope that everything’s good with me and her.” Of course, Nick doesn’t let it go easily and says, “or what?” It looks like these two are about ready to start fighting each other by the end of the preview.

Josh will invite everyone down to ask about who is trying to mess up his relationship. He isn’t afraid to confront the entire cast. Of course, Josh is screaming at Nick by the time it is over, and Nick is staying pretty calm.

There will also be a few people that are upset tonight on Bachelor in Paradise and end up leaving the show on their own. Of course, that is not what they wanted to go down, but it will end up happening. It will make for some great drama tonight.

Reality Steve has already been sharing spoilers for this entire season of Bachelor in Paradise on his blog. He does mention that Josh Murray and Nick Viall are going to be arguing, but he doesn’t say a word about them coming to blows and getting into a physical fight. If this was the case, you know that Steve would have mentioned something about it by now. It looks like Josh and Nick are just going to yell at each other as usual, and that is as far as it will go.

Everything that goes on won’t change Amanda Stanton’s mind about Josh Murray, though. If you don’t want to know spoilers, you should stop reading now. Steve has already shared that things are going great between Amanda and Josh. At the end of the season, he will even propose to her, and she says yes. Josh and Amanda are also already living together, which they have even confirmed. It looks like Amanda went with her heart and not with what people were saying about Josh. They are very lucky to have found a way to work it all out.

Another thing the preview shows this week is that Lace Morris and Grant Kemp will get into it because he is upset she was hitting on Carl right in front of him. Lace doesn’t think she did anything wrong at all. It should be interesting to watch these two. Spoilers show that they eventually figure it all out, though.

Are you shocked to see the way that Josh Murray is reacting? Do you think that Josh is taking it too far? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss any new episodes of Bachelor in Paradise on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC.

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