Megan Gale Denies Rivalry With Jennifer Hawkins

Megan Gale, the Australian model and fashion designer, is making a fantastic effort to raise funds for brain cancer research by appealing to her fans on social media. According to the Daily Mail, Megan pledged her support to Carrie Bickmore, the Australian talk show host, who has started a campaign to raise funds that will help advance brain cancer research.

To support The Project host’s fundraising project, Megan posted an Instagram message that urged her fans to make donations to Carrie’s Beanies 4 Brain Cancer, the fundraising movement founded by Bickmore. The social media message was accompanied by a photo that showed a beanie-clad Megan being kissed by River, her 2-year-old son, who was also sporting the headwear that is being sold as a part of the fundraising campaign.

Megan Gale has had an illustrious career ever since she entered into the fashion world after winning a modeling competition while studying at University. Megan’s stint as a model opened the door for her to feature in the commercials of Omnitel, the Italian telecommunications company that was later acquired by Vodafone. Megan’s association with Omnitel made her a household name in Italy, and it also opened the doors of various fashion houses for the supermodel.

Later, Megan gained immense popularity in her native Australia when she became the face and brand ambassador of David Jones, the Australian upscale department store.

Megan Gale may have gained the status of being Australia’s quintessential supermodel, however, in her professional life, the supermodel has faced stiff competition from Jennifer Hawkins, her fellow Australian contemporary who won the 2004 Miss Universe title. The pair’s rivalry became even more intense after Hawkins became the brand ambassador of Myer, Australia’s largest department store in direct competition with David Jones.

However, Megan Gale refuses to acknowledge that there is bad blood between herself and her rivals. The Daily Telegraph reports that Megan cleared the air by suggesting that the two models only appeared to be rivals due to their association with competing brands.

“It was a fallacy. It drew attention to the stores, the brands, so ultimately you understand it, but it was odd because it was based on this feud that never existed.”

Megan Gale has retired from runway modeling after a glorious stint of 15 years. Apart from trying her hand at acting and fashion designing, the model has taken the opportunity to strike the elusive work-life balance by focusing on her partner Shaun Hampson and their son, River.

The supermodel has been in a steady relationship with Hampson, the Australian Football League player, since 2011. Before moving in with her partner, Megan Gale used to live in her beautiful Sydney home that has been rumored to be sold recently. According to the Daily Telegraph, Megan put the weekend getaway property for sale as she has moved to Melbourne with her family.

Although the sale hasn’t yet been confirmed, the advertisements have been removed from the respective real estate websites, leading people to assume that the property is no longer for sale.

It is also rumored that Megan’s house was sold on her birthday. However, Megan’s birthday celebrations were left incomplete as Shaun could not join her in the celebrations as he was away from home. Later, the AFL player compensated for his absence by surprising Megan with a belated birthday cake that he had baked himself. According to the Daily Mail, an impressed Megan Gale spoke about the happiness she experienced when received the surprise from her partner.

“While we didn’t get to share my birthday together yesterday… my amazing man gave me a great belated birthday homecoming and had baked me a red velvet cake from scratch!”

It is clear that, despite their age difference of 13 years, the couple’s relationship is making them both very happy. Recently, the couple attended Richmond Football Club’s annual costume party which required the guests to dress up as popular characters or celebrities. According to Yahoo!, Megan Gale decided to dress up as Kim Kardashian while her partner was in costume as American Psycho‘s Patrick Bateman.

[Photo by AP Photo/Lionel Cironneau]