Julian Fellowes Planning ‘Downton Abbey’ Prequel

Julian Fellowes, the man responsible for bringing the hit period drama Downton Abbey to the masses, has revealed that he intends to pen a prequel to the award-winning series. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fellowes is interested in exploring the characters before the events in the first season of the program. Specifically, he would like to tackle how the Earl and Countess of Grantham met.

However, don’t expect to see the prequel to Downton Abbey until the original series has come to an end. Fellows explained that he doesn’t think he could handle writing two storylines at the same time. Besides, once the show has come to an end, a prequel would allow viewers to revisit these beloved characters in a slightly different setting.

“I do actually have an idea of doing a prequel of the courtship of Robert and Cora, when all those American heiresses were arriving in London,” Julian Fellow explained to the BBC. “They had a slightly troubled courtship, because she was in love with him before they married, as we know, and he married her entirely for her money. I sort of feel there’s something quite nice in there because he’s a decent cove, and so he feels rather guilty about this which has affected their marriage beyond that.”

During his discussion about the possibility of a Downton Abbey prequel, Julian Fellowes mentioned that it would first arrive as a book. Since the show is considered to be one of the best-reviewed television dramas of all time, chances are the novel would ultimately become a series. Of course, when that will happen is really anybody’s guess.

The third season of Julian Fellowes’ award-winning series Downton Abbey is currently airing in the UK. American fanatics will have a chance to see the program when it airs this January on PBS. Would you like to see a prequel to Downton Abbey?