Jinger Duggar Speaks Out About Their Courting Rules: Hers Are Different Than Others

Jinger Duggar and her fiance, Jeremy Vuolo, are doing great so far, but they aren’t married yet. They are following special courting rules, and it turns out that Jinger doesn’t have the exact same rules as everyone else. The International Business Times shared the news that Jinger discussed during a preview for Counting On. Jeremy and Jinger are saving things until they get married — but not everything.

Ben Seewald asks them if they have picked out their courting rules. It sounds like each of the Duggars get to decide a bit on their own what they want to do.

Jeremy talks to Ben, saying, “I have a desire to save really the physical for marriage. I think we both understand that there are temptations and if we open a lot of doors physically then the time spent together basically becomes a time of saying, ‘OK we can’t cross this line’ or ‘We can’t cross this line’, and it becomes difficult.”

Normally when you are engaged, you can do a bit more, such as hold hands, but at the time when Jinger Duggar was talking about this, she was still just courting.

Jinger spoke out, saying, “I think it’s different for each person. It’s not a cookie cutter. Just praying about those things and not necessarily, you don’t have to have it all listed as a set of rules, but just a general idea and letting the people around you know.”

Jeremy does say that he is familiar with the way that courting goes, but that won’t stop Jinger and Jeremy from getting advice. They will sit down and talk to Jill Duggar Dillard and her husband, Derick, for a bit of advice on how it should all work. It will be really interesting to see if Jinger and Jeremy take things further than other Duggar courting couples have in the past.

Jinger Duggar has not been shy about how great her relationship has been. Us Magazine shared that Jinger explained why she fell in love with Jeremy, and she knows that he is the one for her. Jinger spoke out about Jeremy and shared her thoughts.

“Jeremy’s background is really neat — he gave up professional soccer to become a pastor. I first noticed Jeremy on a mission trip together in Central America, and I just saw his heart, and I was like, ‘Wow, he’s an amazing guy.’ And so that’s kind of where I really remember connecting with him.”

Jinger and Jeremy actually met each other through Ben and Jessa. Jessa spoke about how she thought that this was all starting.

“I feel like Ben may have known of Jeremy’s interest in Jinger somewhat. I think I saw it from Jinger’s side beforehand, though, because I would watch them talk and interact, and I thought, ‘Huh, I wonder if she kind of likes him.'”

This season on Counting On, viewers will get to see Jinger and Jeremy fall in love. So far, their relationship seems like it is going great. Everyone just got to meet Jeremy on the first episode last week, so it is going to take a bit for the fans to get used to him and also used to seeing Jinger with someone. This is the second season of Counting On, and fans are hopeful that the Duggars will stay on television for a lot longer.

Are you surprised to hear that Jinger Duggar doesn’t have the exact same courting rules as her siblings? Did you expect her to do it the way they do? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Tuesday nights on TLC.

[Image via TLC]