Batman: Deathstroke Clip Tweeted By Ben Affleck, Reportedly Main Villain In Solo Movie — ‘Suicide Squad 2’ ‘Human Threat’ Enters The DCEU [Rumors]

Ben Affleck introduced Deathstroke this morning on Twitter with a short video teasing the upcoming DCEU character in the new solo movie. However, nothing was captioned. Affleck’s Twitter tease is indeed a juicy visual to keep the internet buzzing. The villain seems to be in an aircraft bay where he’s approaching the camera.

It has been reported that Deathstroke will indeed be the villain in the Batman movie, according to Batman-News.

Although Deathstroke was quite prominent in the Arrowverse on the CW, he’s a very well-loved villain in DC Comics. Trained by the Ra’s Al Ghul, he proved to be a formidable opponent, and throughout the TV series, he intended on ruining Oliver Quinn’s life. As such, it’ll be interesting to see how Batman will come in contact with Slade Wilson.

Historical Suicide Squad Rumors Revived?

Earlier this year, there was a rumor going around about Deathstroke’s role in the DCEU via Suicide Squad. The chatter involved the characters split between the small and big screens. There was a line of thought regarding the lack of Superman and Batman appearances on the CW.

The logic generated by the rumors indicate that once a character is removed/killed off on the CW, this would allow for using the role in the cinematic universe.

The following tweet was posted by Heroic Hollywood, but the article on the main site has been removed.

However, this rumor was generated via a Reddit post. Some focus test group got a look at the summary of the Suicide Squad plot, and the specific details involved Deathstroke’s role in the David Ayer-directed movie via oldcomicbookfan’s post.

It involved Harley Quinn attempting to decipher bombs planted in Batman’s home city, Gotham. Deathstroke’s role was working alongside Amanda Waller, and his mission was to keep the squad on task.

“Deathstroke is Amanda Waller’s personal bodyguard, and he’s placed in the squad to oversee that they do not deviate from the mission perimeters. The plot then becomes more complex as The Joker has a far more complex goal in mind.”

The Redditor went on to give credence to the Deathstroke concept art.

“I really liked Deathstroke’s design, they really gave him this realistic but tech-geared look that is probably the best design I’ve ever seen of Deathstroke.”

Scott Eastwood Rumors As Deathstroke

Although Batman was in the Suicide Squad flick, there also had been rumors going around awhile ago about Scott Eastwood playing Slade Wilson, but he actually turned out to be Lieutenant GQ Edwards, according to Daily Super Heroes. The basis of this rumor laid entrenched in a correspondent’s sources having seen Eastwood in a shirt with “S. Wilson” printed on it.

The cat is out of the bag now on who the actor portrayed, but according to producer Richard Suckle, Lt. GQ Edwards is said to play a significant role in the movie. In Suicide Squad, he works alongside Colonel Flag on the mission and was considered a “last-minute piece” to the movie, according to We Got This Covered.

“He’s a very important part of the film and works directly alongside Colonel Flag in the mission.”

Since it was hazy two months ago who Eastwood would be playing, Suckle mentioned no one has guessed correctly who the character would be. Outside of Deathstroke, there was also a fan theory of him playing Dick Grayson/Nightwing.

“No one has guessed right. I’ve seen some of the guesses [online] and no one has guessed right.”

Since Suckle mentioned this character’s significance in Suicide Squad, how important will he be in the future of the DCEU?

Suicide Squad 2 Rumors Mention Deathstroke As The Antagonist

The sequel is next up for David Ayer as he is rumored to start writing the script in July and is scheduled to shoot in the spring of 2017. The use of CGI was reported to be toned down, according to Screen Geek.

Suicide Squad 2 production begins soon, Ayer started writing the script in July, expected to shoot late-spring 2017. Will reportedly be dialed back from SS1, with less CGI, a more human threat, and no pop music at all. Slightly lower budget. Deathstroke no longer in the works. Ayer wanted to use him in Suicide Squad 2, will have an antagonist role.”

Deathstroke’s Future In The DCEU?

The Justice League movie is filming in London, England, and it’s not uncommon for crews to simultaneously film segments for different projects in the same geographic location. That said, do you think some kind of filming is being done involving the Deathstroke character out in London? Perhaps he’s in the Justice League flick?

Could Deathstroke wind up as a cameo or have a full debut in some fashion? After all, the Flash was teased in Suicide Squad.

Ben Affleck’s Deathstroke Twitter tease involving the Batman solo movie really caused a ruckus, and Suicide Squad 2 has been hit with some serious rumors involving the Slade Wilson character. Will this revive Scott Eastwood’s rumor as the main protagonist in Affleck’s flick?

Is that really Eastwood in the teased suit, and how do you think Affleck will portray his future role in the DCEU?

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