‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Star Lace Morris Shares Big News About Life After ‘Paradise:’ Are Grant And Lace Still Together?

The Bachelor in Paradise season finale is just one week away, and although spoilers have already leaked the names of the three couples who leave the show engaged, fans are more interested in finding out which couples are still together after the show and if marriage is in their future.

Two contestants who established themselves as a couple early in the season, Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, encountered some rocky moments during Week 5 (August 29–30), leaving some viewers to wonder if all the hype about “Grace” making it to the season finale and beyond was true or if they broke up after filming the Paradise finale in late June.

Lace Morris, who currently lives in Colorado, isn’t holding back about life after Paradise and is now sharing some revealing news about her job in Denver, her relationship with Grant Kemp, and her plans for the future.

Find out what Lace has to say after you take a peek at ABC‘s latest Bachelor in Paradise preview video that shows some unexpected Week 5 drama between Lace and Grace. [Warning — spoilers ahead]

Lace kicked off this season of Bachelor in Paradise with a few too many drinks and some questionable hot tub time with Chad Johnson. She quickly learned that Chad was not a good guy to be around and focused on a new relationship with California-based firefighter Grant Kemp.

Grant fell for Lace almost immediately, and his speedy “I love you” seemed to make the Denver real estate agent just a wee bit uncomfortable, perhaps because of the rumors about his relationships before the show.

According to WetPaint, Grant was recently called for cheating on his ex-girlfriend, Jen Green, and ditching her to “chase fame” when he was selected as a contestant on JoJo’s season of the Bachelorette.

The preview for Episode 5 (video above) shows Grant calling Lace out for flirting, but blogger Reality Steve states that they are one of three couples who get engaged on the Bachelor in Paradise season finale. They even went so far as to get matching “Grace” (Grant + Lace) tattoos before filming for the season wrapped up at the end of June.

Although they were spotted out together by TMZ shortly after filming wrapped, what does Lace have to say about their relationship two months after Grant proposed in Mexico?

Lace, who was just getting started as a newly licensed real estate agent in Denver before she became a contestant on both the Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise, tells 303 Magazine that she has put her career “on the back burner” for now.

She goes on to say that she now has “more opportunities from the show” that are “up her alley.” While she doesn’t say what her next career move is, she does hint that she’s moving to San Francisco, something was all but confirmed on her recent Snapchat story that shows her loading up a U-Haul truck.

When asked by 303 Magazine‘s Sarah Heath if she’s planning to stay in Denver, Lace reveals that she is not staying in Colorado, all while staying a bit coy about her opportunities in San Francisco. And yes, that’s where Grant Kemp lives.

“How do I answer that? I mean, I think there are some opportunities in another city, another big city, that I am excited about. San Francisco.”

Now that Lace has revealed that she’s going to San Francisco, it’s evident that she is still in a relationship with Grant, but will their engagement lead to a wedding or are they together for the perks and potential job opportunities?

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