‘Big Brother’ 18: Calafiore Family Fires Back At CBS Over Unfair Portrayal Of Paulie

Victoria Miller

Paulie Calafiore's family has his back. The tight-knit New Jersey clan is firing back at CBS over how the second Calafiore to sign on to Big Brother is being portrayed. In a series of tweets, Paulie's parents Paul and Linda Calafiore say they are not happy with CBS for showing one-sided comments during their son's stint in the Big Brother jury house.

"Person to person, you've completely lost all my respect," Bridgette told Paulie.

"Airing her comment is slander and defamation of character, not game related. I am PISSED," Paulie's mom wrote.

Also, Paul Calafiore went on to accuse CBS of backing fellow BB houseguest Natalie Negrotti's "lies" about Paulie's behavior with clips, but not supporting Paulie's claims with clips.

But the Calafiore family is clearly upset with how CBS edited the show. While Paulie was accused of making sexist and misogynistic remarks to several of the women in the BB house, live feed viewers saw mutual flirting between Paulie and Natalie, yet most of those scenes never aired.

Both Calafiore parents tweeted an article about how women like Natalie Negrotti are "dangerous for feminism."

"The stuff that he's saying … He's going to have to answer to it, I'm not here to answer for him," Cody said. "I'm not his keeper, he's a growna** man."

Do you think Paulie Calafiore got a raw deal on Big Brother?

[Image via CBS Live Feeds/Facebook]