November 18, 2016
‘Big Brother’ 18: Calafiore Family Fires Back At CBS Over Unfair Portrayal Of Paulie

Paulie Calafiore's family has his back. The tight-knit New Jersey clan is firing back at CBS over how the second Calafiore to sign on to Big Brother is being portrayed. In a series of tweets, Paulie's parents Paul and Linda Calafiore say they are not happy with CBS for showing one-sided comments during their son's stint in the Big Brother jury house.

Paulie Calafiore's parents have taken issue with the fact that Paulie's jury house package included derogatory comments about his character that had absolutely nothing to do with the Big Brother game. Even before he showed his face in the jury house, fellow BB evictee Bridgette Dunning announced that she couldn't wait to tell Paulie that he's a "sleazy scumbag."
Indeed, Paulie's entrance into the jury house was anything but friendly. The three women in the house—Dunning, Zakiyah Everette, and Da'Vonne Rogers—accused him of having an inflated ego, but Dunning went a step further, totally attacking Paulie—and not just for his BB game play.

"Person to person, you've completely lost all my respect," Bridgette told Paulie.

Paul Calafiore took to Twitter to call out CBS for allowing Bridgette's negative comment to air when it had nothing to do with the game.
Linda Calafiore also slammed CBS for airing Bridgette's "scumbag" comment, describing the segment as "slander."

"Airing her comment is slander and defamation of character, not game related. I am PISSED," Paulie's mom wrote.

Also, Paul Calafiore went on to accuse CBS of backing fellow BB houseguest Natalie Negrotti's "lies" about Paulie's behavior with clips, but not supporting Paulie's claims with clips.

When he was still in the Big Brother house, Paulie was shown telling Natalie she's "as fake as those things on your chest" and he also dished a derogatory dig about Jersey girls.

But the Calafiore family is clearly upset with how CBS edited the show. While Paulie was accused of making sexist and misogynistic remarks to several of the women in the BB house, live feed viewers saw mutual flirting between Paulie and Natalie, yet most of those scenes never aired.

Both Calafiore parents tweeted an article about how women like Natalie Negrotti are "dangerous for feminism."

Paulie's tear-filled testimonial when he found out his Big Brother game was pretty much over has also been highly debated on Twitter. Many fans made fun of Paulie for breaking down, but fellow BB alum Cody Calafiore told the Big Brother After Show that he knows his brother and that those tears were not fake—at least not in the beginning. The Big Brother 16 runner-up admitted that Paulie may have used his tears to try to get sympathy, but he thinks that they started out as the real deal.
Paulie Calafiore lost his final Big Brother battle when he lost the wall challenge to Victor Arroyo as the BB18 jurors competed for one last chance to get back into the game. That means it's officially game over for Paulie, and in a few short weeks he'll have to face the music regarding his comments in the Big Brother house.
In a video posted to YouNow, Cody Calafiore addressed his younger brother's controversial behavior on the current season of the CBS reality show, saying it will be up to Paulie to explain himself once he gets back home to New Jersey.

"The stuff that he's saying … He's going to have to answer to it, I'm not here to answer for him," Cody said. "I'm not his keeper, he's a growna** man."

Do you think Paulie Calafiore got a raw deal on Big Brother?

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