‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Live Feed Updates From ‘BB18’ House On Monday August 29, Will HOH Nicole Franzel Have To Vote?

Big Brother 18 spoilers from the live feeds have provided some insight for the BB18 house this week. With just seven houseguests left competing for the $500,000 prize, every decision has become extremely important for them. There aren’t going to be any more re-entries this summer, but the countdown to the season finale has now begun. A report from Joker’s Updates reveals that the Week 10 Veto competition already took place, setting the stage for a game-changing Veto ceremony on Monday, August 29.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Nicole Franzel won the Head of Household competition this week. She was placed in the difficult position of nominating two people for eviction while trying to keep her word with James Huling and Natalie Negrotti. James let Nicole win the HOH so that she could get a letter from her mom, with Nicole promising safety for the week. She honored that agreement at the nomination ceremony, opting to go with Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian as the Week 10 nominees.

As the previous Big Brother 18 spoilers go on to reveal, Nicole then also won the Veto competition on Saturday, August 27. This keeps complete control in her hands, giving Nicole a lot of options when it comes to the Veto ceremony. If Nicole decides that she wants to keep the nominations the same, then it will likely dictate that Michelle Meyer is going to the BB18 jury next. Corey Brooks wants to keep Paul in the house, so with the support of Victor Arroyo, one scenario would be a tie-breaker vote by the HOH (Nicole).

If Nicole decides that she wants either Paul or Victor to get evicted, she would save Michelle and use Victor as the replacement nominee. In the final scenario, Nicole could decide to try to break up the other showmance by putting up James Huling or Natalie Negrotti in Paul’s place. That would mean Paul, Victor, and Corey would all have votes at the next eviction ceremony. Fans will find out on the live feeds sometime Monday afternoon which decision that Nicole ultimately makes.

As for what these next Big Brother 18 spoilers are going to look like, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks did seem to come to a decision in the BB18 HOH room on Sunday, August 28. In a series of discussions, Nicole stated that she wanted to work with Paul Abrahamian and Victor Arroyo, but that she also wanted to remain loyal to the agreement she had made with Natalie Negrotti and James Huling. This would seem to indicate that the nominations will stay the same, putting the decision in the hands of the HOH during the September 1 episode.

The other wrinkle in all these plans is that Corey still hasn’t used the “power” from his Care Package. America gave Corey the ability to use $5,000 as a bribe to any houseguest. That houseguest simply has to follow Corey’s request to do one specific thing that helps his game before the end of the next HOH competition. Corey could offer the $5,000 to someone to vote a certain way or to throw the HOH, which are two things that could really help his personal gain. It took a lot of explaining from Nicole for Corey to actually understand how it will even work.

Unless something changes early on Monday, August 29, then it appears that Nicole Franzel is not going to use the Power of Veto. That would keep the nominations as Paul Abrahamian and Michelle Meyer for the next “live” episode. If Victor Arroyo and Corey Brooks vote to evict Michelle and Natalie Negrotti and James Huling vote to evict Paul, then Nicole will have the deciding vote. There is still time for more Big Brother 18 spoilers to come out on Monday, though, including Nicole possibly deciding that it’s time to break up one of the other BB18 duos.

[Image via CBS]