Javi Marroquin Has No Relationship With Kailyn Lowry: ‘I Stopped Listening To Things You Say’

Javi Marroquin has been home in Delaware for about a month now and he’s enjoying his vacation time. Teen Mom star Javi has been spending time with his son, Lincoln, and he has seen Isaac, even though he doesn’t speak with Kailyn Lowry. The two decided to divorce while he was serving his time overseas, and the two planned out a custody agreement for Lincoln. Since returning home, it doesn’t sound like Marroquin has seen or spoken to his estranged wife. No word on whether divorce papers have been filed, but it sounds like they are not planning on working things out.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin is now hinting that he’s not listening to anything she has to say, especially with her vague tweets. Last week, things heated up as Javi got a matching tattoo with her former best friend Peach. She clearly wasn’t happy about it, but Marroquin revealed that Peach had been his close friend for years and they even went to high school together. In other words, she wasn’t picking sides.

“Feel no ways.. I stopped listening to things you say cause you don’t mean it anyway,” Javi Marroquin tweeted last night, as his estranged wife hit up the red carpet at the VMAs in New York alongside many famous celebrities and stars.

One can imagine that Marroquin didn’t watch the VMAs as he didn’t want to see his estranged wife on the red carpet and when asked if he was watching it, Javi revealed that he had more important things to do.

“Can’t. Work tomorrow. Meal preppin and Lincoln to bed,” Javi revealed when asked about watching the show, to which the follower wrote back, “yeah, me either. I can read it online anyway. Glad to see you back and linc gets to spend time with you! Welcome home!” Javi shared a “thank you!” to the reply.

After Lowry’s attendance at the VMAs in New York, she traveled back to Delaware and jumped into bed. While she could have stayed in New York to party, her son Isaac did have his first day of school this morning and she wanted to be home to help him along.

“Never ever ever been so excited to crawl into my bed… At 4 a.m. To be up and ready for Isaacs first day at 7:30,” Kailyn Lowry tweeted this morning, as she climbed into bed so she could wake up a few hours later and help her son on his way to school.

And maybe the VMAs were a great distraction for her, as she learned last week that Peach had sided with Javi Marroquin in the divorce and that their friendship was essentially over. While Marroquin hasn’t said much on his Twitter profile about his estranged wife, Lowry didn’t hold back.

“What does running your mouth do for you?” Kailyn had tweeted last week after learning that Peach was saying things about her marriage behind her back. “If you’re gona run your mouth, make sure it’s facts & sh*t you’ve seen with your own eyes. It’s so crazy what people will just accept as truth. Consider the source.”

It is possible that she’s referring to the rumors that she cheated on her husband while he was deployed. Javi Marroquin has been vocal about something possibly happening to break his trust with his wife, but he hasn’t dished the details. But as he recently revealed, according to The Hollywood Gossip, the truth will come out.

“Our first priority is Lincoln’s happiness and Isaac’s happiness. Our second is for them to see both their parents happy, and together we’re [not]. I think we both decided that this is the best move. She’ll be happy and I’ll be happy,” Javi Marroquin has revealed, according to The Hollywood Gossip. “I don’t wanna put too much out there, but she knows what she did. It’ll come out.”

What do you think Kailyn did to end their marriage? Are you surprised that Javi Marroquin is tired of listening to his estranged wife’s comments on social media?

[Photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]