Miley Cyrus Feuds With Adam Levine, Flirts With Blake Shelton, Upsets Gwen Stefani On ‘The Voice’?

Is Miley Cyrus posed to become a “wrecking ball” on The Voice this season as she slides into a coach chair? From country crooner Blake Shelton to his bromance buddy Adam Levine, several reports claim that Cyrus is already stirring up trouble.

Miley allegedly has caused “tension” between Blake and his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, with Hollywood Life citing an insider’s claims that Miley is known as “very very flirty.”

Miley Cyrus is set to stir up intrigue on "The Voice."
Miley Cyrus is set to stir up intrigue on "The Voice." [Photo by Michael Buckner/Getty Images for MAC Cosmetics]

Although Stefani feels that Shelton is loyal to her, it’s Cyrus that she distrusts, according to the insider.

“Gwen trusts Blake, but she knows Miley can be very, very flirty.”

Filming The Voice means spending a lot of time together, as Stefani knows from her experience working with Shelton when both were coaches. The live show requires even more interaction among the coaches. Consequently, Gwen allegedly is so upset that she “plans on being on set as much as possible” after her tour concludes in October, according to the source.

But just how upset is Stefani with Cyrus? Hollywood Life also references a source who claims that all of the coaches on The Voice will be invited to Gwen’s and Blake’s wedding except for Miley.

As for what that means? The guest list is in the process of getting finalized, and former coaches who worked with the country crooner and his pop princess are invited, including Adam Levine, 37, Pharrell Williams, 43, and Christina Aguilera, 35. But Cyrus, 23, is pointedly excluded from the list, claims the source.

Shelton has a famously “friendly” manner with “everyone,” pointed out the source, adding that Stefani is worried that Miley will take that friendly attitude and translate it into a flirtation.

“Gwen wants to make sure that Miley doesn’t misinterpret [Blake’s friendly attitude] as something else.”

Consequently, even though Stefani knows that the coaches on The Voice are known for bantering back and forth, she’s taking precautions to keep Cyrus on the straight and narrow path away from Shelton.

Miley Cyrus is posed to heat up "The Voice."

“Gwen wants to make sure Miley stays in her lane and doesn’t get flirty with Blake,” added the insider.

That reportedly translates as a snub when it comes to the wedding.

But what about the other coaches for the new season of The Voice? Co-starring on the show with Blake and Miley are Alicia Keys and Adam Levine, reported She Knows.

Cyrus summed up her view on the diversity among the coaches concerning musical genres (but seemed to forget Alicia).

“If you’re rock, you get with Adam, if you’re country, you go with Blake. With me, I don’t think there’s that genre wall,” said Miley.

However, Cyrus was quick to discount any rumor that a “cat fight” would occur between herself and Keys.

“As much as the world likes to make this girl cat fight scenario, that’s actually Blake and Adam,” teased Miley.

As for the relationship between Cyrus and Levine, what happens when the cameras aren’t filming just might be more intriguing than what gets shown on The Voice, according to a report from Radar Online about the start of shooting the new season in the spring.

The two had been working together for just two weeks on the new season when the feud allegedly erupted, according to what a Voice production source told Radar. Although the scenes they filmed weren’t scheduled to be aired for months, the bickering began well ahead of the debut of The Voice on NBC, claims the insider.

“Adam and Miley were non-stop bickering during their last taping together. Adam seems to find Miley to be extremely loud-mouthed and absolutely annoying!”

In addition to Levine feeling annoyed by Cyrus, he allegedly battled back by picking apart her comments.

“He nitpicks almost every single thing she says,” added the source.

But that was at the start of filming the new season in April. Fast-forward to how the two are doing after working together for a while, and is the feud between Adam and Miley still alive?

The Washington Post pointed out that Cyrus and Keys just might take away the spotlight from Levine and Shelton this season. And while the two guys are famed for their bromance, they both showed signs of bickering with Miley for her show-stealing ways.

Cyrus fought to persuade one singer, 17-year-old Darby Walker, to pick her by claiming that the two shared the same musical style.

“There’s no way you already know that,” challenged Shelton.

Miley then took away his thunder by performing a spur-of-the-moment duet (“Jolene”) with Darby. The “Wrecking Ball” singer even made fun of Blake’s “Honey Bee” song.

“I’ll be your honey mustard, I’ll be your chicken wing,” she mocked.

In response, Shelton popped on headphones, at which Levine hinted that his feud with Cyrus still might exist.

“I want some of those!” demanded Adam.

However, Miley issued a warning to both buddies.

“Miley-proof? There’s no such thing,” retorted Cyrus.

[Photo by Trae Patton/NBC/The Voice]