18-Year-Old Girl Vanishes After Taking Taxi To House Party Saturday Night: ‘We Just Want Her Home’

Hayley McGonigle’s family and friends have taken to social media to ask for help after the 18-year-old teenager vanished without a trace. She was last seen by her family getting in a cab outside her home in Nitshill, Scotland around midnight on Saturday, the Mirror reports.

Hayley told her parents that she was going to a house party in Crookston right before she got in the cab. She hasn’t returned home since. None of her family and friends were able to reach her.

McGonigle’s family and friends took to Facebook to issue an online plea asking for any information that could help them trace her.

The police have already been alerted and are now conducting an intensive search for her.

Hayley’s aunt, Carolanne Crossey, posted a series of Facebook posts alerting everyone about her niece’s disappearance and also asking everyone to spread the word.

“This is my 18-year-old niece Hayley McGonigle she was last seen by her mum n dad at 12:30 last night getting into a taxi from nitshill telling them she was going to a house party in crookston. No one has heard from her since. Police have been informed. Please share this and get her home safe to us. Hayley if u see this please phone someone. If anyone knows where Hayley is please contact her mum Denise Crossey McGonigle or her dad David McGonigle. GET HOME SAFE HAYLEY.”

Friends and relatives of Hayley are worried about her disappearance.

A few hours later, Crossey took to Facebook again so she can give her friends and family some updates regarding Hayley’s disappearance. Unfortunately, she is still missing. She also wrote that her niece picked someone up in Pollock and was dropped off somewhere in Foxbar, Paisley. Crossey also asked everyone to spread the word online so that they would have a better chance at helping their family find Hayley.

“We now know Hayley picked someone up in Pollok and was dropped off in Foxbar Paisley. The police are doing everything they can,” she wrote.

Earlier this evening, Crossey directly tagged Hayley on Facebook, directly asking her to come home to her family because they are worried sick about her.

“Please come home Hayley McGonigle. We don’t care UV stayed out maybe got drunk and phones died. We can live with that. Everyone is worried sick. We just need to know ur OK.xx,” Carolanne wrote.

Hayley’s cousin Kevin McGonigle also posted on Facebook, accompanied by a photo of Hayley wearing a green gown.

“Everyone this is my wee cousin Hayley Mcgonigle. She’s been missing since last night and her mum n dad and us all are worried sick for her. If anyone knows where she is get her to call in.”

As reported by Glasgow Live, the police are keen on finding the 18-year-old’s boyfriend. The police established that while her boyfriend hasn’t been reported missing, efforts are being made to trace his whereabouts.

“Hayley was last seen on Teviot Avenue, Foxbar, Paisley, around 1 a.m. on Sunday, August 28, having been dropped off by a taxi,” the police said. “She was with her 20-year-old boyfriend.”

As of this writing, the Scotland Police official site hasn’t included Hayley McGonigle yet in their list of missing persons. As indicated on the site, the Scotland Police takes every report of a missing person seriously. While the site points out that most missing persons return to their homes within 48 hours, they’re still encouraging concerned citizens to file a report if they feel that a person has gone missing. Currently, there are 18 missing people listed on the site.

If you have some information that can help authorities find Hayley McGonigle’s whereabouts, please contact Police on 101.

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