Sienna Miller Spends Thousands To Get Rid Of The 'Noise In Her Head' With Week-Long Therapy Detox

Stacey Cole

Sienna Miller has undergone a "terrifying but extraordinary" psychological detox, according to the Mirror. The American Sniper actress has admitted to spending £3,000 (almost $4,000) to treat depression, anger, and anxiety.

Sienna Miller has undergone what is known as the Hoffman Process, which is believed to be a psychological detox treatment thanks to its alleged properties to reduce depression, anger, and anxiety.

Sienna Miller

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In her interview with Porter magazine, Sienna Miller said the process was "terrifying but extraordinary," adding that it's like spending "ten years of therapy in a week."

"There's an immense amount of space in my head and there is no f***ing noise in it for the first time. All that noise has just gone."
"I just got to a point where I just felt I couldn't dig myself out, I couldn't make decisions, I felt pretty assaulted by life and not in control."

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According to the site about the therapy, which was developed by American psychic Bob Hoffman in 1967, an eight-day course costs £2,950. Along with the therapy course, Sienna Miller also received 100 hours of tuition and support sessions after the course.

Sienna Miller is apparently changing her life right now. First, the psychological detox and now the actress quits her life in London to live in New York City, according to the Mirror. The actress is apparently taking her 4-year-old daughter Marlowe with her.

One of the reasons Sienna Miller is relocating to New York City is that she hopes the Big Apple will bring her a more inspiring life than in London. In her interview with the Daily Mail, Miller said she believes people come to New York "to do something," adding that she "dines out" on that energy.

"London feels cliquey and sometimes a little bit like swimming through mud."

Her move comes a year after she called off her engagement to fiancé Tom Sturridge, with whom she shares one child, Marlowe. There have been no reports on whether or not Sturridge is planning to move with Sienna Miller in order to raise their child in New York together.

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But Jude Law failed that chance. And it appears that Tom Sturridge failed his relationship with Sienna Miller as well.

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