Band Heart Gets Walk Of Fame Star

The legendary rock band Heart accepted the 2,481st star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday, joining stars like Scarlett Johansson and Alice in Chains.

The band’s founding members, Ann and Nancy Wilson, unveiled the tile in front of an excited crowd on Tuesday, shich included their children, members of Alice in Chains, and Rita Wilson, reports CNN.

Wilson spoke to the crowd about driving down Mulholland Drive during the 70s in her parents Barracuda. She added:

“When I was a teenager in Hollywood. I became aware of a powerful rock band that was fronted by two women, two sisters, two chicks who rocked the house.”

Ann and Nancy Wilson released their debut album “Dreamboat Annie” in 1976, blowing open the rock ‘n’ roll scene that was dominated by men. The album’s singles included “Magic Man” and “Crazy on You,” showcasing Ann’s amazing vocals and her younger sister Nancy’s impressive guitar skills.

The band Heart’s second album was called “Little Queen,” and included the single “Barracuda,” which has been their signature song since 1977 and can even be found on the popular video game Guitar Hero.

The Wilson sisters with their band Heart proved that women could do the same things as men could on the rock scene, from fronting the band and playing their own instruments to writing their own music. Ann stated:

“We never considered the gender aspect of it when we first started. We just thought, ‘Why can’t we?’ It was just sort of being, not girlfriends of the Beatles, or wives of the Beatles — we wanted to BE the Beatles.”

CBS News notes that the Wilson sisters’ new memoir was released last week and Ann Wilson stated, “It’s our first memoir ever … so that represents a little change in atmosphere for us. I’m really happy that we have a new album coming out to balance all the retrospect.”

Heart’s new album is “Fantastic,” the band’s 12th album of original material, which will come out next Tuesday. Like its predecessor, the new album captures Heart’s vintage 70s style, along with a blend of hard rock and folk-inspired tracks.

With their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, it’s clear that Heart is nowhere close to being done making music.