Jennifer Lopez Reunites With Marc Anthony After Casper Smart Split

Less than a week after her split from Casper Smart, newly-single Jennifer Lopez is getting attention for her reunion with ex-husband Marc Anthony. The two have remained friendly throughout the years, since their marriage ended, so it’s not surprising that Lopez joined Anthony on stage, but the timing of the concert cameo has had heads turning. Jennifer and Marc reunited on stage in New York City, but was the duet planned all along?

The Private Collection Brings Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony Back Together

Always fun sharing the stage w this one... @marcanthony #NoMeAmes #radiocitymusichall #familia

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Entertainment Tonight shares the news that Lopez joined Marc on stage to perform a duet and that the song performed by the former couple was “No Me Ames,” a Latin pop song. To answer Jennifer’s curious fans, the moment seemed to have been as much of a surprise to Marc Anthony as it was to the audience, but the performer still didn’t miss a beat. Initially, Anthony, like the crowd, marveled at Lopez’s glittery black evening gown, which was particularly attention grabbing with a long slit up to the thigh and neckline that accentuated Lopez’s bust.

Moments later, however, Jennifer and Marc were crooning together as if the entire reunion had been choreographed in advance.

If it hadn’t been for the fascinated audience cheering for them and thriving on the performance, Ms. Lopez and Mr. Anthony might have been out on a date. The duo laughed and smiled together, and when it was all over, Jennifer and Marc shared a hug.

Later that evening, Jennifer Lopez shared a photo of the duo with her Instagram users.

“Always fun sharing the stage w this one… @marcanthony #NoMeAmes #radiocitymusichall #familia,” Lopez captioned the picture.

Marc regrammed the picture to share it with his own followers.

Anthony and Jennifer have remained close through the years, sharing parenting responsibilities of their 8-year-old twins, Emme and Max.

Jennifer Lopez Is Still Nursing A Broken Heart

@egt239 i think this is what you meant to post... Ha. #protectyourheart #shadesofblue #setlife

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As the old song goes, breaking up is hard to do, and it doesn’t matter how invincible one may seem. As The Cut shared, Jennifer is hurting and has been devastated by her split from Casper Smart, no matter how cool she may seem to the public and her fans. Lopez let her guard down just a little, when she shared some sidewalk graffiti with Instagram followers. The artwork shows a red heart with red spikes protruding outward from around it. If that isn’t a strong enough message, the words “protect yo heart” are stenciled in red and black just above it.

Casper and Jennifer had been dating since 2011, though it had always been a rocky relationship and the couple had more than their share of splits through the years. Regardless, this latest break-up is for good.

“It wasn’t anything dramatic and they were on good terms — it just came to a natural end … They will remain friends and they see each other, but they are not together. It was very amiable,” a source told People magazine.

In spite of what the source suggests, the split couldn’t have been as cordial as we are meant to believe. Jennifer Lopez’s post on Instagram is that of someone deeply wounded and hurting. Meanwhile, Casper Smart seems just as affected by the split, as his sudden absence from social media may indicate.

Smart posted a text mage to Instagram in which he pointedly says he’s going to spend some time “living old school” and adds that he wants to get away from all social media until further notice. Finally, Casper commented that he feels a need to focus on in-person connections, as opposed to maintaining his online presence.

It seems both Lopez and Smart need to retreat to their corners and nurse their wounds.

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