The Pineal Gland – How To Open Your Third Eye

There has been a recent fascination with the pineal gland (a structure in the brain that produces the sleep-regulating hormone melatonin) and its relation to the spiritual effort to open the third eye.

What was once a scientifically baseless belief is now being corroborated by modern medical studies. A 2002 paper published by the National Institute of Health reveals the finding that the pineal gland contains photoreceptors, cells that were only originally believed to be found in the retina within the eye.

Eastern belief systems have long advocated people to open their third eye, as doing so coincides with a firmer connection to one’s intuition and discovering one’s higher purpose for living.

Fluoride in tap water has been proven to accumulate in the pineal gland, inhibiting its function.
The fluoride present on tap water has been proven to accumulate in the brain's pineal gland, inhibiting its function. [Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

The biggest obstacle to achieving this in the Western world appears to be environmental. For an American looking to open his or her third eye, even drinking tap water can prove itself as an obstacle. The calcification of the pineal gland, even when considered as a non-spiritual medical phenomenon, is one such barrier. The pineal gland contains the highest concentration of fluoride in the body, which affects melatonin (sleep) regulation and can even cause a premature onset of puberty, according to a 1997 PhD dissertation by Jennifer Anne Luke of the University of Surrey entitled, The Effect of Fluoride on the Physiology of the Pineal Gland.

So you want to open your third eye; where do you start? And what are the results and benefits? With your fluoride-removing water filter and fluoride-free toothpaste in tow, diet is the next step. Many people within the online community advocate for a diet revolving around raw, whole foods which include pineapple, cilantro, chlorella, raw cacao beans (which can be blended into smoothies), goji berries, noni juice, ginseng, lemon water, and chlorophyll. The goal is not only to invigorate the body but also to clear any existing calcification in the brain structures.

The pineal gland is a structure in the brain that has been linked to location of the "third eye."

Once you have undertaken these measures, what sorts of benefits can you expect to gain? Again, if approaching this procedure from a strictly medical standpoint, devoid of any spiritual motivation, you will still see benefits because your body will be in a better state of equilibrium; however, if you really are going through these motions to open your third eye, the ultimate goal is a renewed connection to your intuition.

Advocates of this process speak from a standpoint that society reinforces the mental processes of logic, yet this reinforcement poses a disconnect from the principle of intuition and the idea of following it to attain fulfillment in our life pursuits.

There have to be skeptics among us. “Open your third eye?!” Some would point to this as ridiculous, yet the aforementioned scientific revelations coupled with long-standing spiritual practices have begun to shift the tide.

The larger concern may be the effect that our environment is having on our human physiology. For decades we have fluoridated our drinking water because we thought of the major benefits this had for eradicating tooth decay. Yet when we now know that this same fluoride accumulates in the pineal glands of millions, inhibiting its functions in the complex brain (whether or not this is related to the spiritual goal to open the third eye) should be of concern.

To reiterate, whether or not you are a spiritualist, it would be advisable to be very mindful of what you are putting into your body and the risks some of the substances that surround us day in and day out hold. The media may be a constant source of new cancer causes, yet the subtler phenomenon of accumulation in our bodies is worth addressing.

Whether you want to simply live more healthily with a healthy pineal gland to match, or strive to open your “third eye” to become closer to your personal intuition; these efforts go hand in hand. The broader consequence of increased awareness of our bodies and our goals is what is truly important.

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