Victoria Martens Murder: A Retired Detective Profiles Accused Killers And How The System Failed Her [Video]

More and more disturbing and gruesome details in the Victoria Martens murder have come out of Albuquerque in the days since the 10-year-old’s tragic death. The world was stunned on Wednesday when police announced that Victoria had been drugged with methamphetamine, sexually assaulted, murdered, and dismembered. The horrifying crime was made even more unbelievable and terrible when it was made public that Victoria Martens’ own mother has been implicated in the girl’s murder.

While Albuquerque and the world have rallied around Victoria Martens’ memory, spawning the hashtag #JusticeforVictoria and multiple memorials and vigils, including one scheduled for Sunday night that is intended as a belated birthday party for the young murder victim. Victoria was brutally killed in the early morning hours of the day after her 10th birthday, just before her scheduled birthday party was supposed to have taken place.

Now, as those close to Victoria Martens and strangers across the nation and around the world struggle to come to grips with her murder and to understand how and why such a terrible crime could have been committed, a retired detective has come forward. Her aim? To shed some light on Victoria Martens’ alleged murders.

As KOB 4 reports, Sisi Miranda has offered her expert opinion on the mindsets of those accused in the murder of Victoria Martens. Miranda is an ex-Albuquerque detective, supervisor, and the founder of the APD child abuse task force. According to the retired detective, the murder of Victoria Martens was likely the culmination of a pattern of abuse and not an isolated incident.

Most likely, according to Miranda, the majority of the suffering Victoria Martens most likely experienced prior to her drugging, sexual assault and murder was at the hands of her mother, Michelle Martens. Or due to her mother’s enabling of her abuser(s)

The profiler believes that Michelle may have been cut from a different cloth than the other two suspects who are currently incarcerated on charges related to Victoria’s murder. It’s possible that Michelle was targeted and manipulated by Jessica Kelley and Fabian Gonzales, the cousins who law enforcement see as the “ring leaders” in Victoria Martens’ vile murder.

“Gonzales and Kelley are predators, and I think they saw Michelle and her daughter as vulnerable. I think once they saw that, they nurtured a relationship until they had complete access and control over the family through methamphetamine.”

Despite believing that Michelle Martens is “different” than Gonzales and Kelley, Miranda doesn’t believe that Victoria Martens’ mother is any better than the pair that are accused of actually carrying out the drugging, rape, and murder of the 10-year-old while she allegedly sat by and watched it happen.

When it comes to Jessica Kelley, Miranda believes that the woman accused of solely dismembering Victoria Martens’ dead body is a “true” sexual criminal and deviant.

“I feel very comfortable in saying Jessica Kelley is probably a sexual deviant.”

In fact, Jessica Kelley has a documented history of participating in at least one sex crime. As Fox News reports, in 2012, four years before the murder of Victoria Martens, Kelley pleaded no contest to conspiracy to commit criminal sexual penetration related to an incident in which she acted as a “lookout” while female inmate raped another (reportedly developmentally disabled) female inmate while Kelley was doing time at the Metropolitan Detention Center.

On the night of Victoria Martens’ murder, Kelley had just gotten out of prison and was temporarily staying at Michelle Martens’ apartment.

Fabian Gonzales, who has publicly claimed that the drugging, rape, murder, and dismemberment of Victoria Martens were all done at the hands of Jessica Kelley, was the boyfriend of Michelle Martens. Reportedly, the pair had just met a month before. According to the profiler, the relationship was far too new for Gonzales to have even met 10-year-old Victoria Martens, let alone be spending the night in her home or moving in his ex-convict cousin.

Miranda says that she believes that Gonzales deliberately worked with Kelley to worm his way into the Martens’ life for the express purpose of victimizing little Victoria.

Many people are saying that Fabian Gonzales never should have had the opportunity to get anywhere near Victoria, let alone murder the 10-year-old in her own home, based solely on his criminal history.

As CBS Local reports, the man accused of participating in the rape and murder of Victoria Martens should have been on supervised probation at the time of the horrific crime that brought a torturous end to the 4th grader’s life.

The girl’s mother, 35-year-old Michelle Martens, her 31-year-old boyfriend, Fabian Gonzales, and his 31-year-old cousin, Jessica Kelley, face charges of child abuse resulting in death, kidnapping, and tampering with evidence. Gonzales and Kelley also face charges of criminal sexual penetration of a minor.

Reportedly, Gonzales’ arrest record in New Mexico goes back to 2004. Included among his charges and convictions is a felony child abuse charge and assault. In 2014, the man accused of the murder of Victoria Martens reportedly took a plea deal stemming from an incident when he allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend. Part of the terms of the plea arrangement included supervised probation, complete with “drug and alcohol treatment, counseling, random drug testing and surprise home visits.”

Somewhere along the line, however, the New Mexico Department of Corrections reportedly dropped the ball. And their error could have led to the murder of Victoria Martens.

“We were not aware of this plea agreement until this morning it came to our attention, we never received the documentation to say that he had entered into this agreement.”

According to former detective Siri Miranda, parents should learn something from the tragic case of Victoria Martens’ murder. Namely, be wary of people who come into your life quickly and want to get too close to your child(ren) too quickly. It’s always better and safer to err on the side of caution. Particularly when we live in a nation with an imperfect criminal justice system that often lets dangerous criminals fall through the cracks. Don’t depend solely on sex offender registries.

“Predators and pedophiles are very good about weaseling their way into your family, and making friends with your children.”

Also, if you suspect abuse or notice changes in any child’s behavior pattern, report your concerns to authorities. It’s possible some of the adults close to Victoria Martens noticed that she was acting differently than usual, and had someone intervened it is possible that the little girl’s murder could have been prevented.

Currently, all three suspects in the murder of Victoria Martens are being held at the Bernalillo County Jail, each on a $1 million bond. They have been charged with multiple charges, including sexual assault of a child, child abuse, tampering with evidence and murder.

New Mexico abolished the death penalty in 2009, however, since the news broke regarding the murder of Victoria Martens, some residents apparently wish that it were reinstated. As KOAT reports, the grandfather of murder suspect Jessica Kelley believes that if convicted, his granddaughter deserves to be put to death for the crimes committed against Victoria Martens.

[Image via Martens Family]