Bethenny Frankel Calls Luann de Lesseps ‘A Snake’ After An Epic ‘RHONY’ Reunion Showdown

Bethenny Frankel has been accused of being the RHONY meanie for most of Season 8, and the reunion special will continue that trend. All About the Tea alleges that Bethenny was so outraged by Luann de Lesseps’ behavior at the reunion that she called her “a snake” on social media.

Bethenny and Luann have both stated there is a pretty intense feud between the reality stars, and it only escalates during the taping of the reunion special. They have had a strained relationship for quite some time and so the newest feud certainly didn’t help repair their relationship in any way.

It looks like Luann may have won the war with Bethenny at the Bravo sit-down, as Lesseps revealed that she had “a sweet redemption” regarding Bethenny’s “mean girl” routine. Bethenny took to Twitter spreading her snarky attitude by poking fun at Luann for posting a Maya Angelou quote. Bethenny wrote, ” Luann quoting Maya Angelou is like Courtney Love Quoting Betty Ford @thelisaAlso @people.”

The RHONY fans relentlessly pursued Bethenny for her harsh comments and asked her why she felt the need to trash her fellow cast members. One fan wrote that Frankel claims to be happy and in a good place in her life, yet she spends much of her free time trashing other women.

The RHONY viewers were taken on an emotional roller coaster on the latest episode of the Bravo series. Bethenny told Luann that her fiance kissed another woman and provided Luann with all the details surrounding the alleged kiss. Frankel explained that she felt she owed it to Lesseps to tell her the truth for the simple reason that they “run in the same circle of friends” and she would want to know if her man was locking lips with another woman.

At first, Luann seemed grateful that Bethenny shared the tidbit about the secret smooch, then later turned on Bethenny after talking to Tom D’Agostino Jr. Luann felt that Bethenny was intruding in her life by investigating Tom’s whereabouts on the night in question. Lesseps felt that she should have just passed the information with the pictures to her and let her decide how she wanted to handle it.

“I felt as if Bethenny took my choice away from me. She did all the investigation, and assumed I would leave Tom over the ‘bad choice.’ We have worked it out, and he will never have a lapse in judgment again. Relationships are extremely hard.”

Luann ended up confronting Frankel about her behavior and kindly asked her to stay out of her affairs. RHONY viewers agreed with Lesseps mostly and accused Bethenny of “being obsessed with Luann.”


The RHONY viewers were divided about the whole ordeal. Bethenny wavered in her decision to tell Luann about the affair and wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do. Most people agreed that if your “friend” has knowledge of your boyfriend or spouse with another woman, you would want to know. Luann is not that person; she wants her life to “stay perfect” even if that life she believes she is living is based on a lie.

Frankel took to Twitter to say that even though she was blindsided by Luann’s reaction about Tom’s make out session, “the snake’s colors will show” at the reunion show. Bethenny added that it will be interesting to see how she plans to “charm” her way out of it.

Frankel claims that she may never recover from the aftermath of the reunion. She expressed that she was angry with herself for allowing the RHONY cast to “get under her skin.” in such a profound way. Bethenny’s followers offer her support and noted that she seemed much more upset about Tom’s kiss than Luann did.

RHONY fans, do you think that Tom will stay faithful to Luann? Stick with the Inquisitr for more RHONY spoilers, news, and casting updates.

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