'Worst Death Scene Ever' Belongs To Turkish Martial Arts Flick 'Karate Girl'

Todd Rigney

If you're a fan of cheesy movies, then you've probably seen the worst death scenes ever committed to celluloid. However, a viral video currently making the rounds has many declaring the clip to be the world's worst death scene ever. According to video's YouTube uploader, the scene in question was pulled from the 1973 Turkish martial arts movie Kareteci Kız, a film that may not languish in cinematic obscurity for very much longer.

Kareteci Kiz, which is known as Karate Girl and Golden Karate Girl in English, is definitely a one-of-a-kind experience. It's a film that, if taken in the right context, is an endless supply of unintentional fun. However, serious movie fans would probably declare the flick to be completely unwatchable. Even if you're a snobby film scholar with no sense of humor, one look at the so-called "worst death scene ever" is sure to generate a chuckle or two. It's pretty good stuff.

Golden Karate Girl's plot has been described as follows:

"Deaf-mute blondie lives a poor but idyllic life with her old father working as florists. One day five escaped convicts visits their house. They kill the old man, rape the girl, and steal all their money. Because of the very cruel rape, the girl gets a shock which leads to her speech coming back. She swears to get her revenge, so she educate herself to be a cop and Karate expert."

As a self-proclaimed bad movie fanatic, I've always fancied the ending of the 1984 Italian fantasy flick The Invincible Barbarian as one of the worst death scenes ever filmed. It's long, bloody, and just plain awkward, which may explain why I love it so.

If you somehow manage to track down a copy of Golden Karate Girl, by all means, pick it up. Not only will you own the worst death scene ever filmed, you'll have one of the more amusing motion pictures Turkey had to offer in the 70s. The aforementioned scene has been embedded below. Warning: There will be a blood, but just a little.