‘Outlander’ Star Sam Heughan Teases Jamie’s Life Without Claire

There are big changes in store for Outlander, when Season 3 premieres, but that’s nothing new for dedicated fans of the series, which features Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan as time traveling, continent hopping lovers.

Although filming for the new Outlander season has just begun, Sam, who plays Jamie Fraser on the series, and Outlander showrunner Ronald D. Moore are eager to tease the new adventures for Jamie and for Claire. They each hint that the pair might not always be working in tandem, when the Starz series picks back up.

Outlander Star Sam Heughan Says Jamie Will Grow More Independent

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When Season 2 of Outlander ended, it was with Claire (Balfe) setting off in search of her husband, but, before she finds Jamie in Season 3, Heughan says his own character will have some serious soul searching. He also might want to go for a run or two, because, as International Business Times shares, all of that thinking is causing Jamie to pack on some pounds.

“I’m thinking about getting really fat. I’m thinking eating a lot and not working out would be really good,” the Outlander star joked, before suggesting that his solitude presents him with the chance to learn more about himself as an individual.

“It’s less about his appearance, and more about who he is without Claire.”

Outlander showrunners have promised to reunite Jamie and Claire, but they haven’t promised that it will be a completely happy reunion. Instead, they suggest Season 3 of Outlander will see the couple coming together after an extended period of time and, before Jamie and Claire can fall back into their groove, there will be a period of awkwardness and a feeling that the separation may have caused them to lose something special. Outlander executive producer Maril Davis says there will be a period where it will feel as though the two characters won’t see each other ever again and that also plays into how they feel, when they are reunited.

Outlander Showrunner Ronald D. Moore Teases A Grand Adventure

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When Sam Heughan’s character is finally reunited with Caitriona Balfe’s Claire in Outlander‘s third outing, Radio Times shares the news that the pair will be sent on a whirlwind adventure. In fact, showrunner Ronald D. Moore will have the lead protagonists exploring much of the globe, throughout Season 3. It’s time to kiss Scotland goodbye once again.

“I don’t think I’m giving too much away,” says the Outlander E.P., “but the story of season 3 will start in Scotland. Then there’s a sea voyage involved in the 18th century, an extended journey across the Atlantic, and then the story goes to Jamaica and the Caribbean and ending up in the New World.”

While the idea is exciting and impressive, Ronald says that creating so many different locales in time periods not of our own can get to be an exasperating process. Among the headaches are new set designs for each location, wardrobe creations, and picking up and moving from location to location.

“Normally by the third and fourth season of a show it’s basically a machine – this is the police station, this is an apartment, this is the bridge of the Enterprise – you’re familiar with using those sets. But with this it’s like you’re doing a whole new series every year,” Moore says of Outlander‘s ambitious story arc.

While set designs and costumes can create headaches for the production team, it’s also something they enjoy doing. The dedication each Outlander crew member feels toward his or her craft can be seen in the details of every Outlander scene from the sets to the outfits. The third installment of Outlander is sure to be just as impressive in terms of authenticity.

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