WWE News: More Details On Chris Jericho/Brock Lesnar Scuffle At SummerSlam

One week after the alleged backstage scuffle at WWE SummerSlam between Chris Jericho and Brock Lesnar, more information shows that their issues predate the summer extravaganza.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter (via Wrestling News), Jericho had an issue with Lesnar dating back to this year’s Royal Rumble in January. Jericho, who returned a few weeks before the show, was the No.6 entrant whereas Lesnar, who also returned a few weeks prior, was the No.23 entrant. However, they were in the ring together for several minutes before Jericho was eliminated by Dean Ambrose and Lesnar was eliminated by the Wyatt Family.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Jericho felt Lesnar allegedly “stiffed” him with his punches — meaning that he hit him harder than he was supposed to. During that Royal Rumble, Lesnar also hit Albero Del Rio with several vertical suplexes and injured the Mexican Aristocrat’s back with one of them, according to F4Wonline.com. Del Rio, who was recently suspended for 30 days due to a violation of WWE’s Wellness Policy, is one of the most popular performers amongst his peers, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter noted.

Lesnar’s SummerSlam opponent, Randy Orton, returned at WWE Battleground recently for a Highlight Reel segment with Jericho. The reports mentions Jericho giving Orton the “no enhancement needed” line during their segment, poking fun at Lesnar’s positive drug tests following his UFC 200 victory over Mark Hunt.

In the build up to their bout, Orton and Lesnar kept one-upping each other, leading many to believe that the match would be a lot more competitive than it was. Lesnar dominated most of the match, eventually cutting open Orton with a fierce elbow as The Viper’s forehead turned into a bloody waterfall. The match ended in a TKO, giving Lesnar the win.

Watching backstage, Jericho was not sure if that was part of the match or Lesnar — considering his background in mixed martial arts — was legitimately trying to hurt Orton.

Pro Wrestling Sheet had details on what led to the scuffle. Jericho began approaching everybody in the backstage area, trying to find out if that finish was planned, but was not getting answers. Growing visibly frustrated, Jericho said “this is bull***t” in reference to everybody’s lack of answers — Lesnar, however, had just made his way backstage.

“Brock, however, heard Jericho say this was ‘bull***t’ and loudly told the longtime wrestler that this was none of his business. That set Y2J off and he continued asking questions, causing Lesnar to push him. When that happened, Jericho rushed in and tried getting face-to-face with The Beast.

“We’re told Brock kissed him on the forehead at that point … then said, ‘kiss me back, p*ssy.'”

That further angered Jericho, who got in the Beast Incarnate’s face, and while the details are unclear, Lesnar either shoved Jericho with his fingers or mocked him with his hands behind his back, leading to a scuffle with both men pressed up against the wall.

Triple H and Vince McMahon were both present and had roles in breaking up the fight. Triple H sided with Jericho — saying that he was sticking up for himself — but McMahon sided with Lesnar.

“Vince McMahon eventually rushed in to usher Brock away, while yelling at Chris to be more professional. Jericho fired back at his boss, saying Lesnar was the unprofessional one who started “shooting” on his co-worker … to which Vince replied, ‘It’s a work! What’s wrong with you?!’ implying the blood job was planned in some way.”

Neither Jericho, Lesnar, McMahon, Triple H, or any other party present for the scuffle has spoken about the incident.

[Photo by WWE]