‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey Refers To Intimate Moments With Nicole, Paul Strategizes To Stay In The Game, Natalie Called ‘Fake,’ Dirty Deeds Discussed

Although the Big Brother 18 live feeds have featured somewhat calm and mundane banter among houseguests over the past 24 hours, in the early morning hours of August 28, there were some conversations of note regarding showmance behavior, game play, cast member integrity, and possible unsanitary houseguest habits.

Sometime around midnight Sunday morning, Nicole Franzel and Corey Brooks relaxed and flirted in the Big Brother 18 backyard hot tub, as Victor engaged in a rigorous workout nearby. At one point, Corey announced that his showmance partner, Nicole, was on the “naughty list,” according to TV Grapevine.

Corey continued with, “I should know,” and then went on to list various locations in the Big Brother 18 house, including the “bumper cars, the HOH (Head of Household) room, the Tokyo room…,” telling Victor he could leave it to his imagination regarding the references, TV Grapevine reports. Victor simply chuckled, as he continued to exercise.

Whether Victor was surprised or not by Corey’s revelation is unclear, but to dedicated live feed viewers, this was no shock. Even though Nicole has been seen frequently and adamantly describing their bedtime behavior as “cuddling,” it is not uncommon for live feed cameras to catch Nicole and Corey engaging in activity under the covers, which can only be surmised as intimacy that goes well beyond, as Paul would say, “friendship.”

About 90 minutes later, at around 1:30 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Nicole and Paul Abrahamian, headed to the bathroom area to discuss strategy. Joker’s Updates reports that Nicole is the current HOH and nominated Paul and Michelle Meyer for eviction. Nicole is also the week 10 Power of Veto (POV) winner, while her closest ally Corey, was given the most recent America’s Care Package, the BB Bribe, allowing him to try and sway game play with $5,000.

It appears Michelle is still the target, as she and Corey have aligned with Victor and Paul. It is unknown until the POV ceremony takes place if she will save Paul with the medallion or not. Although Paul is aware he is probably safe this week, he wasn’t taking any chances.

Paul explained to Nicole that he talked to Michelle, making her believe he was being evicted because he “blew up” on Nicole and Corey, TV Grapevine reports. He asked Nicole whether he should act distant or whether he should hang out with the showmance partners, because he doesn’t want Michelle to “freak out.” Nicole noted she had no problem hanging out with Paul and Victor and was fine with it.

Paul told Nicole that Michelle is certain this week is another double eviction and tried to work Victor earlier by telling him he looks like a celebrity, TV Grapevine reports.

About 20 minutes later, Corey spoke to Nicole about which cast member he would most definitely not want to see make it to the end in the Big Brother 18 game, according to TV Grapevine. They talked about a possible double eviction taking place soon, and Corey said he wants to make sure Natalie doesn’t win any sort of power because he is sure she would nominate him for eviction.

Corey added Natalie is “super fake,” which Nicole agreed with by saying Natalie “says stuff then plays innocent” and is doing a good job selling that persona. Joker’s Updates reports Corey proclaimed he would “never vote for her [Natalie] to win” Big Brother 18, a sentiment that Nicole reiterated.

Finally, not long before all of the Big Brother 18 house mates headed off to bed, Victor and Paul had a “Michelle bashfest,” according to Joker’s Updates.

The two men sat in the safari room at around 2:31 a.m. discussing how dirty their fellow houseguests are. The conversation turned to Michelle and her feet, which they claimed she never washes even though she is barefoot most of the time.

According to TV Grapevine, Paul further asserted that Michelle complained of having gastrointestinal issues on a daily basis, yet she cuts vegetables on a the dirty kitchen counter instead of a clean cutting board.

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[Image via CBS]