‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Stars Vinny And Izzy Back Together After Public Split

Bachelor in Paradise stars Vinny Ventiera and Izzy Goodkind are turning their public TV breakup into a real life romance.

According to TMZ, the reality stars were just spotted getting cozy 30,000 feet in the air. Does this mean Vinny and Izzy are back together?

The couple took a flight from L.A. to New York and other passengers claim they couldn’t stop the PDA. Eventually, Izzy got tired and fell asleep in Vinny’s lap.

The turn of events follows their epic breakup during Bachelor in Paradise. In the latest episode, Vinny got so frustrated with Izzy that he left the island and removed himself from the show.

Apparently, something changed in the intervening weeks that got them back together.

According to Hollywood Life, Vinny and Izzy seemed destined to be together from the start of Bachelor in Paradise. However, despite making out with Vinny since the opening episode, Izzy’s mind changed once Brett arrived.

Fans were shocked when Izzy broke things off with Vinny on 'Bachelor in Paradise.' [Image via ABC]

Izzy subsequently dumped Vinny after going on a date with Brett, which prompted Vinny to jet off the island.

While Izzy and Vinny remained mum about their mysterious breakup, she finally opened up about their split during the After Paradise special.

The reason why Izzy decided to break up with Vinny was because of the reality show and the constant pressure to perform in front of the camera.

“We didn’t really ever have certain conversations about our family life, our home life, growing up, those sorts of things,” Izzy revealed. “which I think are a great foundation to any relationship. That was something we had been missing.”

Because the cameras were always on, Vinny and Izzy were unable to talk about real-life things, which prevent them from getting serious while Bachelor in Paradise cameras were rolling.

“I wasn’t able to express those things to him in the time that I hoped,” Izzy continued. “I’ve run from a great thing. I let an amazing man go.”

Although Izzy admitted that she regrets letting Vinny go, Us Magazine is reporting that they had a tense reunion on After Paradise.

In fact, the couple admitted that they haven’t talked to each other since filming wrapped up while Vinny revealed that he was pursuing relationships with other women.

Izzy then explained that she never wanted to break Vinny’s heart.

“I had an amazing relationship with Vinny, and it was 100 percent real. In the short time that we were there, though, I felt this overwhelming sense of doubt and insecurity, not only [about] myself but with my relationship with Vinny,” she stated.

Vinny and Izzy seemed to make amends on 'After Paradise.' [Image via ABC]

Izzy also apologized to Vinny for how she handled their breakup and called him an “amazing man.”

For his part, Vinny took Izzy’s words to heart.

“I have to appreciate that she did tell me sooner than later,” he admitted. “And I forgive Izzy.”

Despite his acceptance, Vinny later shared that he can’t trust Izzy enough to get back with her.

“Izzy’s a great person. We got along great, but the way that she handled that situation — what’s stopping something like that from happening in the future?” he shared. “I don’t want someone to walk by, catch her interest and all of a sudden, she wants to be with him.”

Thankfully, it seems like the pair finally got to talk about everything once the show was over.

In fact, once they landed in New York, Vinny tried to play off their renewed romance as a close friendship, but Izzy was having none of it.

“It’s awesome. It’s all good right now,” Izzy revealed, before gently touching Vinny’s face.

Clearly, something romantic is happening between Vinny and Izzy, though it isn’t clear where their relationship is headed.

The next all-new episode of Bachelor in Paradise airs Monday, September 29, at 8/7 central on ABC, check out a preview below.

[Image via ABC]