Gary Sanchez: New York Yankee Rookie Makes History, Can Yankees Make The Playoffs?

Gary Sanchez continues to turn heads within the New York Yankee organization and in Major League Baseball. The Yankee’s rookie catcher has been putting on a hitting clinic every since he was called up to the majors. In only 23 games, Sanchez has hit 11 home runs. The Yankee’s catcher joined George Scott and Trevor Story as the only players in MLB history to hit 10 home runs in their first 22 games. With as much history as the New York Yankees have had, it is surprising to realize that Sanchez is the first Yankee to accomplish such an incredible feat. Sanchez commented to the Daily News about his historic hot streak.

“I had no clue, just learned about it. It’s great. Let’s see if I can keep on going. I don’t have an explanation for it. I’m doing the same routine that I was doing in the minor leagues, I’m doing it here. I’m getting really good results right now. That’s it.”

In regards to Yankee records, Gary Sanchez joined Hideki Matsui with 21 runs-batted-in over 23 games. Only Joe DiMaggio has more with 25.

“It’s a nice feeling to feel that my name is somehow near these guys that have been so good in baseball. But I’m just trying to do my job… Good results are coming out now, but (there’s) no pressure at all.”

In the minors, Gary Sanchez had a total of 10 home runs over the course of 284 at-bats.

Former catcher and current Yankee manager Joe Girardi commented on Sanchez.

“They say when people are going bad, they’re never as bad as they look, and when they’re going great, they’re never as great as they look. So it’s probably somewhere in between. I think he has the ability to put streaks together, because he’s extremely talented. But I don’t think you would expect this from anyone in the game. I think when you’re winning and scoring runs, you’re going to look energized as a club, and obviously (Sanchez) has been a big part of it. He’s been extremely productive.”

“I told you we were here to win games. And I really liked some of the things we did, bringing up some of the young kids. I thought they could help us. I know obviously we traded away our leading home run and RBI guy (in Carlos Beltran) and two really good relievers (Aroldis Chapman and Andrew Miller), but I still felt there was enough talent in that room to win. And we need to continue to do it.”

It has been no secret that the New York Yankees are currently considered to be in a rebuilding phase. At the trade deadline, they traded away some top talent and recently they released Alex Rodriguez. All of these moves have been a conscious effort for the Yankees to start getting cheaper and younger.

The 2016 Major League Baseball season is entering the home stretch. Currently, the New York Yankees are within striking distance of a playoff spot. They are now in fourth place in their division, five and a half games out of first and are only two and a half games behind in the wild-card chase. With only 34 games left, the Yankees battle AL East teams in 27 of them. Do you think Gary Sanchez can lead the New York Yankees to the playoffs this year?

[Photo by Adam Hunger/AP Photo]