Ryan Coles: New Jersey Son Charged After Allegedly Bludgeoning His Parents To Death With A Chair

It is better to remain childless than have Ryan Coles for a son.

The 28-year-old New Jersey man has been charged with the deaths of his father, 58-year-old Edward Coles Jr., and mother, 55-year-old Rosemarie Coles, after the slain parents were found by a relative who arrived at the family home after he was unable to reach them through phone, according to the Gloucester County Prosecutor’s Office.

Although the reason for the deaths is still not clear, sources told an ABC affiliate that Ryan Coles used a chair to bludgeon his parents to death at their West Deptford home on Thursday night. They had reportedly died because of “blunt force trauma” to their heads. Fox News reports that there were other marks on the bodies of the Coles, confirming suspicions that the attacker had beaten them repeatedly with his fists before using another object to subdue them.

The relative who found Ryan Coles’ dead parents on Friday morning called 911 and when police arrived on the scene, they found the New Jersey son at the family home. After an interview, Coles was taken to Inspira Medical Center in Woodbury and subsequently charged with the violent deaths of his parents. He is currently being held at Salem County Correctional Facility and his bond has been set at $1 million.

The neighbors who knew Coles said that although Ryan suffered from distress, they could not believe that he would kill his parents. Others said that police were often called to the house, but never before had any arrests been made. Neighbor John Ferencsik told reporters that Ryan had appeared a little distanced from his parents in the days leading up to the killings.

“He seemed a little detached, depressed. We didn’t really know that, just know the impression I had was he was a little bit off.”

The New Jersey man would often post unusual messages on his social media accounts related to his parents. In 2015, for example, he wrote that the time had come to clear the confusion by taking a step for the good of the family.

“Strength in numbers. Look around. Fallen comrades who are in dire need. This is your family, this is your responsibility. Family always comes first. Angels require assistance. Stick together. Anger at insignificant mistakes or problem solving. Choose solution over confusion.”

Other neighbors said that Ryan Coles could often be seen sitting and talking to himself. Even so, none of them said that they could have expected that something so unimaginable could have been going on in his mind.

“How did you go from that nice boy on a bike doing me a huge favor to this? It’s mind boggling,” said one neighbor who has known Ryan for more than 20 years.

The local community is mourning the loss of the middle-aged couple, with the father, who worked as a repairman for musical instruments in the family business, being sorely missed by his colleagues. After learning the news of Edward’s death, the Facebook page for Coles Music Service paid tribute to him.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have to announce the passing of our beloved Ed Coles Jr,” read the statement.

“Ed’s gift of repair has touched many musicians, young and old, over a 40 year period. The Coles Music family will continue his legacy and dedication for instrument repair and music education. We are deeply shocked and saddened by his sudden passing.”

This is not the first time in recent months that someone has a killed a family member in New Jersey. As NJ 101.5 reports, earlier this year in February, 20-year-old Ezra Simon-Daniels was charged with killing his grandparents with an aluminum baseball bat at the Branchburg home they shared.

[Image via Salem County Correctional Facility]