’47 Ronin’ Director Carl Rinsch Reportedly Still Attached To The Project

Despite recent rumors to the contrary, 47 Ronin director Carl Rinsch is still attached to the Keanu Reeves project. According to Cinema Blend, Universal Pictures has responded to internet reports that Rinsch was tossed out of the editing room after causing the film’s production to balloon to astronomical proportions. The studio claims that everything is a-okay, with the 47 Ronin director is still hard at work piecing the movie together.

“Rinsch has been in the editing room all week, working side by side with the studio on the challenged Universal picture,” Deadline is reporting. Although Carl Rinsch is still in serving as director on the picture, it’s rumored that Universal will increase their presence during the editing process.

The Wrap reported last Wednesday that the Keanu Reeves martial arts flick 47 Ronin was in some serious trouble. The budget has allegedly swelled from around $175 million to an estimated $225 million, a fact which doesn’t settle too well with executives at Universal. Reports suggested that the studio had finally fired Carl Rinsch from the project, something execs wanted to do for quite some time.

47 Ronin, a film which Internet Movie Database describes as “an 18th century set story centered on a band of samurai who set out to avenge the death of their master,” brings together a number of talented Japanese actors. In addition to Thor and Ichi the Killer’s Tadanobu Asano, the Keanu Reeves flick also features Hiroyuki Sanada, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and the always-adorable Rinko Kikuchi.

“It’s an ambitious film in theme and it’s ambitious in its scale and I think it’s something special. It’s really historical, fantastical. It’s big, you know, it’s like revenge, love, honor, and outsider. So, it’s a kind of eastern-Western, um, yeah, story,” Keanu Reeves recently explained to Yahoo! Movies.

Are you excited to see 47 Ronin? Do you think the movie will be able to recoup its $225 million budget?