Is Brooke Shields Smoking Pot?

The photo which allegedly shows Brooke Shields toking on a one-hitter pipe is not a still shot from a new movie, but a vintage snappy from her teenage years. The 47-year-old actress appears to be lighting up to smoke a little pot with singer H.R in the image which first surfaced on Twitter. The Blue Lagoon star and reggae singer appear to be enjoying quite a bit of fun several decades ago. H.R. is the lead singer of a D.C. hardcore band called Brain Heads, according to the Huffington Post.

Radar Online reposted the photo of Brooke Shields clad in casual attire and mellowing out during perhaps her late teens or early twenties. Although she is now a responsible mom and philanthropist, the image has some tongues wagging about the less than straight-laced scene. She was a young woman, sans kids or a husband, and hanging out with friends, there is really no scandal here. Those of us who are close to Shields in age are probably all a bit grateful that digital cameras and Facebook did not exist when we were enjoying our college years, and are willing to give the model-turned-actress a pass on few wild experiences during her youth.

The alleged Brooke Shields smoking marijuana photo was posted on the Twitter account of a user named Dave Hill. Although the picture of the actress is vintage, it fits into the legalization and decriminalization of marijuana debate going on in the country today. Federal legalization of marijuana is probably a long way off, but cannabis medical compassion legislation is currently pending in multiple states. If such ballot issues gain passage in November, it may finally take the last ounce of stigma away from lighting up a joint or biting into a pot brownie to naturally relieve the chronic pain or the nausea brought on by chemotherapy.