Michelle Obama’s Navy Sub Is Ready As Her Love Story Debuts

Right now, America is enraptured with a movie based on the early days of Michelle Obama and her husband, President Barack Obama, getting together — but FLOTUS fans may not realize she just sponsored a Navy ship.

ABC News reported on August 27 that Michelle Obama has had a U.S. Navy submarine sponsored for over five years that has finally been completed. As a sponsor, this means Michelle Obama got to christen the submarine at a ceremony about a year ago, but there is actually more to the sponsorship.

For example, Michelle Obama will “be involved in the life of the submarine and the lives of its sailors and their families.” In addition, the U.S. Navy is naming the submarine after Michelle Obama’s home state of Illinois. The USS Illinois, SSN 786, will be officially in operation after a ceremony in Groton, Connecticut, on October 29.

'Southside With You' Trailer

Nonetheless, Michelle Obama is not being noted for being influential in the military, and is instead the center of a drama that she did not create. Thankfully, this time, the Michelle Obama drama is an actual piece of artwork and not related to a political or personal scandal.

According to Washington Post, the biopic made about Michelle Obama and her husband is called Southside With You and it “portrays a young Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson on their first date.”

Regardless, one of the criticisms about the film is that Michelle is not seen as fun or approachable like the FLOTUS America knows, but instead shows Michelle Obama as having a “tightly-wound” personality.

Despite the success of this movie with fans, Michelle Obama thinks what she did with her life is not for everyone. In particular, Michelle Obama christened the opening week of Southside With You by stating to the media on August 24 that it is okay if someone does not want to get married.

In fact, Michelle Obama said she knew when she was still a pre-teen that she did not “need a man” to be happy, according to New York Mag.

Yahoo! reports that Michelle Obama was particularly drawn to the Mary Tyler Moore Show in the 1970s, and what she liked is stated in the following quote.

“[Mary Tyler Moore] was one of the few single working women depicted on television at the time… She worked in a newsroom, she had a tough boss, and she stood up to him. She had close friends, never bemoaning the fact that she was a single. She was very proud and comfortable in that role.”

In the end, America loves Michelle Obama and one of the key reasons she is well-respected is due to her extreme intelligence and approachable demeanor.

Barack and Michelle Obama meet with the Queen
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In fact, it seems like most people love Michelle Obama’s choices in everything — except the school lunch program. The Daily Caller and others were quick to judge Michelle Obama after her school lunch program initiative failed to combat childhood obesity, but FLOTUS is not giving up.

NBC Bay Area quoted Michelle Obama stating the following about how the school lunch program is not over for her.

“It’s not like I have a one-year or two-year time frame on this issue. For me, this issue is the rest-of-my-life kind of time frame. Because I know that’s what it’s going to take to truly solve this problem.”

Nevertheless, the hot question for Michelle Obama over the past year has been “what will we do without her” once her husband leaves office, but also, “will Michelle Obama run for office?”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Michelle Obama might run for Congress. Part of this rumor began because of some bumper stickers used as a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton by the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

While the idea of her running for Congress is still in the rumors phase, any question about Michelle Obama running for president seems to be out of the question as far as she is concerned — for now.

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