Taylor Swift And Tom Hiddleston: Tom Gets Teased Over Relationship During Time Apart

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have been forced to spend the last few weeks apart as Tom films Thor: Ragnarok in Australia, but Tom’s costars aren’t letting him forget his famous girlfriend. “Hiddleswift” fans might be sad that the couple hasn’t been photographed together at all this month, but it’s not like Taylor and Tom are never ever getting back together. According to one report, they’re actually going to make their red carpet debut in the very near future.

As the Belfast Telegraph reports, Tom and Taylor have slowed things down considerably since the beginning of their whirlwind romance. According to E! News, Taylor Swift and her beau met each other’s parents shortly after they began dating in June, and they were pretty much inseparable for a few blissful weeks. “Hiddleswift” fans were regularly bombarded with photos of the couple in various romantic locales around the world, including Rome, England, Australia, and Rhode Island. However, Swift and Hiddleston recently had to put the brakes on their globetrotting.

“They’ve had a lot of fun together but things have slowed down, largely because Tom is so busy filming Thor: Ragnarok,” an insider told the print edition of Grazia UK.

According to Glamour, the last time Taylor Swift was photographed with her boyfriend was near the end of July during a date night in Santa Monica. However, People reports that the couple spent two days together at her home in Rhode Island early last week. Taylor sent her private plane to pick Tom up.

A source told Hollywood Life that Tom Hiddleston’s Thor: Ragnarok co-stars are making sure that Taylor Swift is always on his mind while he’s in Australia and she’s in NYC enjoying a little down time. Hiddleston’s fellow thespians reportedly enjoy giving him a good ribbing over his relationship with Swift, but their jokes aren’t mean-spirited at all. They seem to love that Tom is so in love.

“His co-stars, including Chris (Hemsworth), have been teasing him because they’ve never seen him like that before with anyone,” an insider revealed.

Hemsworth isn’t the only actor who has poked fun at Hiddleswift. Earlier this month, Robert Downey, Jr. mocked the “I (heart) T.S.” shirt that Hiddleston wore while celebrating the Fourth of July with Taylor Swift. Downey, Jr. joked that Hiddleston is actually a big Iron Man (Tony Stark) fan, not a Swiftie.

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Tom reportedly isn’t letting the wisecracks about Taylor Swift keep him from being a consummate professional.

“Tom knows he’s there to work and won’t mope about it,” the insider said.

The actor also isn’t keeping mum about Taylor. According to another source, he’s so smitten with the star that he ignores the risk of being mocked and constantly gushes about how great she is.

“He’s been telling co-stars how much he loves her, how he’s really missing her while he’s away and just waxing lyrical about her musical talents.”

In other words, he’s not avoiding Taylor because he doesn’t want to be around her; he’s just too busy trying to be the best Loki that he can be.

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Taylor Swift and her boyfriend do have plans to appear together in public in the near future, and they’re going to make sure that they cause a splash when they’re finally photographed again. Instead of letting the paparazzi snap candid photos of their happy reunion, they’re reportedly going to pose for a few polished pictures at the Emmy Awards. Tom is hoping to take home a statuette for his role in The Night Manager, and the Sun reports that he plans on bringing Taylor to the event as his date.

“Tom normally doesn’t like his public life overlapping with his private life but he is so happy with Taylor that it’s the perfect time,” an insider revealed.

The Emmy Awards will take place on September 18, so Hiddleswift fans may have to wait three long weeks before getting to see Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston together again.

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