Conspiracy Theorist Bryce Cuellar: Sandy Hook 'Truther' Arrested In Nevada For Making Terrorist Threats [Video]

Bryce Cuellar, a self-avowed conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook "truther" from Las Vegas, has been arrested on charges of making terrorist threats. Reportedly, the charges against Cuellar stem from a disturbing YouTube video allegedly posted by the 24-year-old man through his personal YouTube account. Reportedly, the video was so disturbing that Las Vegas police were contacted by Interpol so that the matter could be handled.

As KTNV reports, conspiracy theorist Bryce Cuellar's YouTube account was flagged by Google, who also removed the offensive post. However, the online search behemoth saved a link that was provided to Las Vegas detectives so that they could see the terrorist rant for themselves. Reportedly, the video was brought to the attention of Las Vegas authorities back on July 2.

According to police, Bryce Cuellar was visible in the video. He was allegedly wearing night vision goggles and military attire. Reportedly, the self-avowed conspiracy theorist used the YouTube post to tell the world that he's sick of the government. Particularly, he expressed anger and concern that his First and Second Amendment rights may be taken away and/or that the federal government is already actively trying to take those rights away from him.

At that point, conspiracy theorist Bryce Cuellar reportedly got vulgar and insulting. He allegedly began talking about his true calling as a "Christian warrior" and spoke of how he was going to carry out his duty. According to Cuellar, he wants to kill members of the LGBT community, which he referred to as "gays, f****ts, and lesbians." He also reportedly mentioned "satanists" in his list of potential targets.

According to investigators, conspiracy theorist and Sandy Hook "truther" Bryce Cuellar also said during his YouTube video that he "cannot wait to use his rifle in the manner in which the founding fathers intended." Finally, investigators allege that the self-avowed conspiracy theorist and Christian warrior said that he is "tired" of the state of America today and that he planned to begin his killing spree "soon."

As part of their investigation into the potential threat posed by conspiracy theorist Bryce Cuellar, Las Vegas police investigated his Facebook page. Reportedly, police found that Cuellar was involved in a number of different disturbing and potentially dangerous online communities, and spent much of his time proclaiming anti-government and sovereign citizen and "patriot" militia ideologies on social media.

Raw Story also reportedly investigated the online behavior of conspiracy theorist Bryce Cuellar. What they discovered was incredibly disturbing. Apparently, Bryce Cuellar had amassed quite an extensive collection of conspiracy videos, including videos that publicly question the official Sandy Hook "story" and videos that discuss the claim that the threat of the so-called Illuminati is real.

According to investigators, Bryce Cuellar's descent into the world of right-wing conspiracy theories (recently labeled the alt-right by presidential candidate Hillary Clinton) has gotten deeper and much more disturbing over the last three years or so.

Perhaps most disturbing of all is the enormous popularity of the YouTube channel associated with Bryce Cuellar and his conspiracy theorist beliefs. Reportedly, the channel has racked up over 73 million views and has nearly 161,000 subscribers.

In addition to posting a YouTube video so disturbing that it caught the attention of Interpol, investigators allege that Bryce Cuellar also physically abused and threatened to kill his wife. According to investigators, the incident took place within an hour of the controversial (and possibly criminal) video being posted. Allegedly, during the attack on his wife, Bryce Cuellar punched her, choked her, and threatened her life.

Law enforcement says that during a police interview, Bryce Cuellar admitted to investigators that he made the video but tried to excuse its contents by citing anger and drunkenness. He told police that he is "not a murderer." His wife, who allegedly threatened to murder, has reportedly been less open with law enforcement and has reportedly said very little about the charges against her self-avowed conspiracy theorist husband.

Ultimately, Las Vegas police opted to charge Cuellar with making terrorist threats, a felony. He is also on mental health hold at the Clark County Detention Center. Conspiracy theorist Bryce Cuellar is currently being held on $100,000 bail.

[Image via Bryce Cuellar/Facebook]