$11,111 Coffee Maker Comes With Wi-Fi, QR Scanner

For most people, a $11,111 coffee maker sounds like something designed to take money away from those individuals who have too much of it hanging around inside their bank accounts. However, according to Daily News Talks Naenara, the pricey beverage dispenser might be a suitable alternative for those who find themselves dumping an insane amount of money at Starbucks on a daily basis. Of course, if you can easily afford an $11,111 coffee maker, chances are frequent trips to Starsbucks isn’t going to hurt your finances.

This $11,111 coffee maker, created by the folks at Blossom Coffee, features a number of bells and whistles that may not be available to those who are buying less expensive machines to brew their favorite beverage. The Blossom One Coffee Brewer uses its Wi-Fi connection to visit certain coffee-oriented websites to download recipes in its quest to create at-home coffee perfection.

In addition to its mind-boggling Wi-Fi capabilities, the $11,111 coffee maker also comes equipped with a handy QR reader. Why does a brewer need a QR reader, you ask? It’s simple: Scan the QR code on a package of coffee in order for your pricey, high-tech gadget to learn the recipes encoded within. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and allow the machine to do the work for you.

Dear Coffee I Love You got their hands on a product description of the machine, which explains the $11,111 coffee maker’s brewing process:

“Coffee is brewed by first pouring filtered water into the reservoir and loading ground beans into the standard espresso portafilter (but not tamping). Next a brew profile is selected from a list of presets or programmed in using manual mode. Then the machine comes to life, a portioned volume of water is pumped into the boiler and heated to the required temperature. The system then pauses to allow the user to get ready to brew. On the user’s command hot water is dispensed into the brew chamber with attached portafilter. At this point electric heaters in the brew chamber take over. The chamber adds heat to the brewing coffee to maintain a constant temperature. The brewing coffee is stirred manually. After the specified brew duration, the machine beeps to alert the user that it is time to dispense the coffee. The outlet valve is opened by the user and the plunger is pulled to force the coffee out into a cup. The spent grounds are left in the portafilter for easy cleanup.”

Coffee fanatics and caffeine addicts will be able to get mitts hands on the machine when it hits retails shelves next year. Would you spend $11,111 on a coffee maker?