Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards Confirms Zayn Malik Is A Distant Memory With New Man

Little Mix is everywhere at once in the media with new music being teased and a slew of concerts, but some of the biggest Little Mix headlines are about romance.

For example, Perrie Edwards has recently confirmed that she is officially over Zayn Malik forever, and she is now dating actor Luke Pasqualino. O.K. reports on August 27 that the two are actually a pair, and this has been officially confirmed.

Nevertheless, other details about how Perrie Edwards and the Skins U.K. actor became introduced have not yet been revealed.

Things are over with Perrie Edwards officially as she moves out of their love nest.
Allegedly, Zayn Malik will be a theme of at least one song on Little Mix's upcoming album. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Despite this big moment in Perrie Edwards’ life, Little Mix are being warned to not let romance go too far. This awkward moment was painted by Simon Cowell’s “best friend” and fellow X Factor judge, Louis Walsh. Simon Cowell created Little Mix, and Louis Walsh is also an expert in the pop music business.

For these reasons, it must have really burned Little Mix to hear Louis Walsh say that “getting married could ruin” the band. According to Look, Louis Walsh said Little Mix will likely succeed until “someone marries a footballer.”

Although it is not directly connected to what Louis Walsh said, Jesy Nelson did recently tell the media that she has been delaying getting married to her long-time boyfriend, Jake Roche. According to Mirror, Jesy Nelson stated the following about why she is engaged, but not getting married any time soon.

“I wish our wedding plans were moving forward, but no. Things have been so full-on for us for the past year, we just haven’t had any time to do anything.”

Could this angst from Louis Walsh be in response to the X Factor parody that Little Mix just did? According to O.K., Little Mix mocked the television show that made them famous while filming video footage for the band.

While Little Mix likes to be humorous, most of the time it is business as usual for the ladies. For example, Little Mix have been meeting up and noted for looking fabulous, but they are getting together for band business, according to Daily Mail.

Some of that business includes Capital FM‘s announcement that their TV advertisement will feature behind-the-scenes footage of Little Mix and other celebrity musicians such as Justin Bieber. In one clip, Perrie Edwards is using a selfie stick.

Of course, Little Mix have also been busy performing, and, just a month after their “Get Weird Tour” ended, they were back to doing several private concerts in the U.K. including three shows in conjunction with V Fest, according to Digital Spy.

About their new performances, Little Mix fans have been raving on Twitter about their new outfits that included a camoflague, military look.

Little Mix also took time to celebrate their five-year anniversary just as their Get Weird album went multi-platinum in the U.K., according to Headline Planet. The official record Little Mix is currently holding is 600,000 albums sold.

While they are taking a break from touring, Little Mix have been teasing about their upcoming fourth album that will likely be released in the next months. Now, Official Charts says Little Mix is promising that a brand new single is coming soon.

Little Mix Greets Prince Harry
Perrie Edwards revealed that she has a crush on Prince Harry before meeting him at the Royal Variety Show (Photo by Paul Hackett - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Although they are extremely popular and have tons of fans, there is one company that thinks Little Mix is the pits. According to Business Desk, businesses that want to increase their sales should “ditch Little Mix for Liszt.”

Sadly, when Little Mix is played in overhead music in certain types of retail stores, the sales are reduced by 26 percent compared to classical music composers such as Franz Liszt and Niccolo Paganini. In some cases, wine sales were increased by up to 40 percent when Little Mix was switched out for classical music.

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