Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Bed Bodies On Show, Will Taylor Swift Retaliate?

Kanye West knows how to infuriate Taylor Swift and make the “Bad Blood” singer spitting mad. West did it in “Famous” when he rapped about having sex with Taylor and did it again when he released the video with naked wax figures of all the famous people in the song, including Swift. As if the epic bad blood between Kanye and Taylor wasn’t already bad enough, Kanye has now put all the “naked wax figures from his “Famous” video on display,” according to Hollywood Life. The “life of Pablo” singer didn’t spare any of his pals or enemies, and Taylor’s “nude body is getting plenty of attention” as fans flock to the show to see Kanye’s famous bed.

Kendall Jenner and her Snapchat were there to spread the word with a photo of the famous nudes. Taylor is there, “totally naked” in the bed on Kanye’s left, and there’s no way she’s going to be happy with her situation. It won’t help at all that Kendall decided to share her pic on Snapchat. Jenner captioned the pic, “I wonder what #KanyeWest is up to,” and added the #Famous hashtag for good measure.

Anyone who wants can get “inches away” from all the famous bodies in the bed together, so people can “get a big close up look” at Taylor’s body. The “life size celeb figures” are so carefully crafted that it’s hard to believe they aren’t real. Taylor, Donald Trump, Chris Brown, Kim K herself, and all the others were lovingly “handcrafted over several months” according to TMZ.

They are so lifelike that they even have special breathing mechanisms so that the chests rise and fall just as if they are really enjoying a good snooze. There’s more. When visitors to Kanye’s art exhibit look at the silicone bodies of Anna Wintour, Rihanna, Amber Rose, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Cosby and the others, they are seeing they kind of realism that comes with lots of money and the best wax designers in the biz. Each and every “hair on each figure was placed one at a time” to add to the disturbing realism of the Kanye’s famous bed bodies. Tweeters can’t quite believe that the bodies weren’t real in the video, even now that they see the pics of the art show. One Twitter user asked how Kanye made it happen because they looked so real.

Most of how Kanye made it happen comes down to money. Every single one of the silicone figures cost West a whopping $750,000 to make, and the “painstaking wax detail” is already famous in itself. That’s the kind of incredible attention to detail that garnered a nomination for the upcoming VMA’s highest award, Video of the Year. “Famous” has also been nominated for Best Male Video. Because Kanye is busy getting ready for the VMAs, he couldn’t actually be present at his own opening, but Kendall Jenner and Kanye’s wife Kim Kardashian were on the spot. Kim updated her hair to a new blonde look before attending the opening, then “took fans inside her husband’s” art exhibit, according to the Daily Mail.

Kardashian had some fun tweeting about the mystery location while showing off the new blonde look and teased her followers with a tweet about a secret art gallery location.

Kanye wasn’t at Kim’s side for the show, but he managed to be present in a super cool way. West, who is in the middle of his Saint Pablo Tour, “grinned in delight” after he got some “TLC” from Kim K via a big screen. When he made his “robo-Kanye” appearance at the show, he even had a joystick so that he could move his viewpoint around, check out the famous bed from different angles, and “chat up the room.”

Would you go see the West’s “Famous” bed art show if it came to your city?

[Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]