Kate Middleton And Prince William Continue To Change Royal Reputation For The Better

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge continue to blaze a new trail for the next generation of royals and are changing the way the Royal Family is perceived by sharing personal experience and emotions as opposed to maintaining the usual stiff upper lip- demeanor of their older family members.

In advocating for and involving themselves in organizations seeking to support those suffering from mental health issues, and actually commenting from the standpoint of parents and real individuals, Kate Middleton and Prince William are appealing to royal watchers and citizens, as well as parents on a more identifiable level.

Editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine, Ingrid Seward, shares about how the young royals are paving the way for new traditions and roles of the royals, also noting that the Duke and Duchess are truly continuing the legacy of William and Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

“Traditionally, royalty has had a stiff upper lip. But these two – and Prince Harry – are anything but traditional. William has often gone out on a limb. He is following Diana – and that is further proof of her legacy. [William, Kate and Harry] can’t promote the idea that people should talk openly without talking openly themselves.”

All three royals have been ensuring to speak openly and live the words they speak. Kate has continued to share from the standpoint of a mother, as opposed to that of a Duchess, recently stating “I am sure we will face worries. We do face worries, because we’ve got small young children.”

Kate, William and Harry have also established Heads Together in order to reach the goal of fighting mental health stigma, as Hello! shares. It is a combined effort of eight charities uniting to get the message out.

A spokesperson at Kensington Palace spoke about the initiative by Middleton, her husband and Prince Harry, as People notes.

“The campaign is about changing the national conversation on mental wellbeing, and ultimately ending the stigma associated with mental health by encouraging people to talk to others and reach out for support if they feel they need it. Through their work, the Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry have seen all too often that people feel afraid to admit they are struggling with their mental health. That fear of prejudice and judgment can prevent people from getting necessary help and can ultimately destroy lives and families. That’s why they want to help change the national conversation and are encouraging others to do the same.”

The efforts by Prince William, Prince Harry and Duchess Kate are ongoing on the issue of youth and mental health. Just this past week, William and Kate engaged in an online tutorial called Alumina which helps young people to work through those first steps in recovering from self-harm. The royal couple demonstrates a real interest in benefiting youth and their concern and care shines through as they continue to do their part.

Ruth Avres, project manager of Self Harm U.K. spoke about her perception of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

“They talked about wanting to raise awareness of mental health first aid in schools. That is really forward thinking – something that lots of mental health charities and schools have been struggling with for some time: How do we respond if someone self-harms on site and get the right attention to them?”

It is clear that having their own children has inspired Prince William and Kate Middleton to become more involved in helping to erase all negativity about mental health in youths and all age groups. The two have spoken openly about their intention to seek help immediately for their little ones should either display signs of mental illness.

[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]