Chris Brown Jealous As Rihanna Wants Drake To Be Her Baby Daddy?

Chris Brown may not like this one. The Hollywood Life has quoted Life & Style magazine as saying that Rihanna and Drake want to have a baby together. "Rihanna really has the mommy urge, and Drake is completely on board with the idea," the source told Life & Style magazine. "They've talked about how cute their kids would be. They know they'll be forever linked if they have a child, and they are ok with that."

Not just that, it seems like Rihanna prefers Drake over Chris Brown any day. "She says [Drake's] a grown man and he's responsible compared to her exes like Chris Brown," the source continued. "She thinks he'll make the perfect dad. They've talked about having adjoining mansions in Barbados so they could co-parent and hook up whenever they wanted."

The Inquisitr had quoted Hollywood Life as saying that Rihanna and Drake are getting pretty serious and that Drake is changing her ways to make sure he doesn't hurt Rihanna. "All those women that flock to his trailer, bus and VIP sections to be with him are seeing a changed man," Hollywood Life has quoted Life & Style as saying. The singer reportedly "closed off the VIP section" during a night out at a club and sources say that he "told bouncers not to let any women in," the publication has reported.

The sources went on to say that Rihanna is definitely in love with Drake. However, Drake doesn't really have time for a serious relationship at the moment. "She's got love for Drake," an insider told Hollywood Life exclusively. "But he's made his bed several times and has proven to her that he's not ready for anything serious."

The Inquisitr had earlier reported that Chris thinks Rihanna is his soulmate and he doesn't buy the fact that she wants to be with Drake. "Yeah, right. Chris ain't buying that for a minute. He doesn't believe for a second that his soulmate would tie the knot with her long-term side piece. Chris loves Rihanna and he'd be deeply hurt and go out of his mind if she even considered being off the market in this way. Drake's just a pinch hitter until Chris is mentally and emotionally ready to step up to the plate and whisk Rihanna off her feet."

Rihanna has expressed the desire to be a mother time and again. "Rihanna and Drake have talked about getting married and have even discussed eloping," a source said. "Rihanna is really close to her niece, and it's made her realize she wants a baby soon…and Drake would love to be a dad. [She] is overwhelmed with how happy she is with him."

The sources have said that Chris Brown is definitely not okay about the wedding news. "Dating is fine. Hook ups are fine. But if Chris got wind that Drake actually proposed to Rihanna, he wouldn't let that happen," a source revealed to Hollywood Life exclusively.

Clearly, Chris cares about Rihanna a lot. Chris Brown even called her when tragedy struck in Nice. However, it seems like Chris has got big competition from Drake when it comes to Rihanna.

"Rihanna has been feeling the love since the tragedy in Nice. Her cell has been blowing up with friends and family checking in worried sick about her — both Chris Brown and Drake have reached out to her to make sure she is okay," the insider said. "Her phone is also ringing off the hook with every big music producer in the game checking on her."

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