‘Teen Mom 2’: Leah Messer Is Under Fire Again For Her Poor Parenting Skills

Teen Mom 2’s Leah Messer is no stranger to being under fire for what her followers frequently deem as “poor parenting skills.” Roughly 24 hours ago, Leah shared a picture of herself with her three girls in the car. It did not take long for her Teen Mom 2 following to catch up with her as commenters began to question whether or not Leah was making the best choices for the safety of the girls.

They are MY life! ????????????

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“You can see the booster seat but she’s not big enough or old enough to not be in a 5 point harness. That’s what people have been bickering about in the previous comments,” one commenter on Instagram said in response to people questioning why there were so many hostile comments on the picture.

“They make 5 point harnesses rated for 7 year olds so I seriously doubt your 3 year old is over 70lbs. And middle isn’t always better, because what’s going to protect your child from something coming thru the windshield,” a second commenter questions. This commenter goes on to point out the fact that the car seat Leah’s daughter is in, in particular, is intended to be for a child who weighs 110 pounds. The commenter goes on to state there is no way Leah’s 3-year-old could weigh that much.

Fortunately, for this Teen Mom 2 star, not everyone leaving comments on the picture was out to get Leah. In fact, there were a number of comments questioning why everyone felt the need to be the “mom police.” These commenters wanted to know why it wasn’t possible for Leah to share pictures of her little girls without being criticized for her parenting skills.

Are the commenters in the wrong or are they just trying to educate Leah on proper car safety for small children? This is the debate currently going on.

According to OK! Magazine, this isn’t even the first time Leah Messer has struggled with making the best decision regarding car safety and her children. Roughly a year ago, in September of 2015, the cops were called on Leah for driving her 5-year-old twins to school without having either one of them in car seats. It was a teacher who originally made the call after realizing Leah was not bringing them to school in car seats.

InTouch Weekly reports Leah Messer has yet to make a comment publically regarding the backlash she has been receiving for the recent picture of her girls and the improper car seat choice.

Teen Mom 2 fans are certainly no stranger to what some have deemed the “Monster Mom” antics of Leah Messer. In June of 2015, Leah was under fire for spanking her 5-year-old Aleeah Grace (known as Gracie) as a punishment for throwing a temper tantrum while MTV was filming an episode of Teen Mom 2. InTouch Weekly reveals Leah Messer blames stress as her reasoning for spanking Gracie.

According to TODAY, 93 percent of parents who leave the hospital with their newborn make one critical mistake when installing the car seat. Furthermore, Parenting claims it is extremely common for parents to make all sorts of car seat-related mistakes, including choosing an improper car seat for a child based on height, weight, and age. This particular mistake is commonly made when parents are looking to save money on a cheaper safety seat.

With so many parents making the same car seat mistake Leah Messer is being blasted for, is it possible people are overreacting by calling the Teen Mom 2 star a bad mother? Chances are pretty good Teen Mom 2 fans will continue to analyze every little thing Leah Messer says and does when it comes to social media and her children.

Do you think people are overreacting to the picture Leah has posted of her and her girls on Instagram? Do you think Leah needs to rethink her car seat arrangement for the safety of her girls?

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