‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ Fans Are Freaking Out Over Yung Joc’s Hair

Yung Joc’s hair is looking very interesting these days, prompting Love & Hip Hop Atlanta fans to start asking about the new ‘do on social media. The rapper-turned-reality TV star has already explained why he changed his hair so drastically, but that hasn’t stopped the Twitter roast.

While Twitter continues to laugh at Yung Joc, as meme after meme is dropped making fun of his new hairstyle, the rapper explained that he changed up his look to take on a new movie role. On Friday, Joc posted a video explanation of why he is now rocking one of the most questionable hairstyles ever on Instagram. While he captioned the video, “Big screen flow….. I know y’all gonna hit me with all the Shade in the Room and thats totally fine because i know how Blessed i am. Never been scared to be the Center of attention without trying…….#whatwouldjocdo #WWJD.”

Joc failed to give any details as to what movie role he is taking on, but from his new look, it certainly should be interesting. The rapper made waves on Season 5 of LHHATL when he slept with J-Nicks’ girlfriend, Amber Priddy, but nothing has gained him more attention than his recent decision to put a little perm in his hair and rock a very unusual look.

It seems that the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta cast member didn’t really stop Twitter from trending as many continued to laugh about the interesting haircut. Yung Joc’s hair has inspired several memes, many of which call out the rapper’s masculinity for rocking a permed straight and parted style.

Pictures of Yung Joc’s hair have popped up photoshopped onto the boxes of perm solution and olive oil hair treatment. Likewise, many of the funny memes also tease that Joc looks like he’s training to become a CNA and that his new name is “Jocqueline.”

Another Yung Joc hair meme has the “It’s Goin’ Down” rapper photoshopped in as the Popeye’s chicken lady, complete with an apron and a plate of chicken. So far, many have agreed that Yung Joc looks like “someone’s Auntie,” according to the comments section of The Shade Room. There was even a comparison to Craig’s mom from Friday that elicited a few laughs. Check out some of the funniest Yung Joc hair meme’s below.

The shade about Yung Joc’s hair got so bad that some even felt the need to come to the rescue. When a meme cropped up that compared Joc’s new hairdo to a similar look on a white model claiming that Joc’s version is “gay” and the model’s version was “straight,” celebrity stylist Derek J felt compelled to speak out in his defense.

The host of Bravo’s Fashion Queens took to Instagram.

“Unfortunately in our black community we can’t embrace self expression and creativity. Anytime a man does anything outside of what the community deem as masculine it’s gay. What ‘the community’ fails to realize is that they set the standard of masculinity for black men so high it’s in step away from committing murder. Who wants to do that to prove you a man.”

What do you think of Yung Joc’s hair and the Twitter upheaval that it caused? What kind of movie role could the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star possibly be cast in that would require a hairdo like the one he has debuted?

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images]