World’s Most Venomous Snake Bites Teen In Australia

A teenager in Australia is currently in serious condition after being bitten by the world’s most venomous snake.

According to reptile experts, the inland taipan, which is native to western New South Wales, could kill 100 adult men or 250,000 mice with a drop of its venom.

Julie Mendezona, the head zookeeper at Australian Reptile Park, said that an inland taipan snake bite is very rare. Mendezona said that there are only about 100 recorded in Australian history.

Mendezona explained the effects of being bitten by the world’s most venomous snake, saying:

(The venom will) start shutting down the function of messages going to your brain, to your vital organs, your lungs and your heart and even your muscles .., So, paralysis is usually what happens with the patient. Because it can act so fast, being a neurotoxin, that’s what makes it such a deadly animal. It can kill someone within maybe 45 minutes. There have been reports of people experiencing effects of venom within half an hour as well. It also contains an anticoagulant which means it will interfere with the blood clotting, so therefore you can experience bleeding out as well.”

Barry Martin, a veteran snake catcher, gives an even scarier explanation of the snake’s venom.

Martin said:

“They [used to be] called the ‘two-step snake’ as in it bites you, you take two steps and you’re dead.”

The Global Post reports that the teen was bitten in his left hand by the inland taipan. The teen’s friend was able to capture the snake and brought it to the hospital where it was identified. The teen was given anti-venom and is currently in serious condition at the Calvary Mater Hospital in Newcastle where specialists are monitoring him closely.

Here’s a video of Steve Irwin messing with the world’s most venomous snake.