California Bus Driver Unwittingly Ate Pot Brownies Before His Shift

Lemon Grove, CA – A Metropolitan Transit Service (MTS) bus driver got far more than a sweet treat for his taste buds when he bit into a pot brownie a colleague brought to work. The public transportation worker claims that company officials knew that he had munched on marijuana brownies, but allowed him to get back on the road and haul unsuspecting passengers anyway.

Three bus drivers reportedly ate the cannabis dessert on August 26, right before their shift was scheduled to begin. Two of the drivers wound up in the hospital before the end of the night. The third bus driver, Mark Hall, said he drove his MTS bus for three hours before he was stopped. Hall claims that his supervisors were calling to check on him during his shift because they knew he had eaten pot brownies.

The California bus driver had this to say about the night he spent driving after unwittingly consuming marijuana:

“We never get calls asking how we are feeling. In hindsight, they already knew at that time that two drivers were already in the hospital. Instead of saying, ‘stop the bus, pullover, we are sending you to the hospital’ they let me drive a little bit further. I head I was giggling a lot and real bubbly, so I guess I was high and didn’t know it.”

Hall and another driver have been placed on unpaid administrative leave, he maintains he is the victim of a conspiracy by upper management at the Metropolitan Transit Service, Fox 5 San Diego reports. The suspended driver claims that both his Local 1309 union and the MTS are covering for the employee who brought the marijuana brownies to the station. The worker who allegedly brought the cannabis treat to the bus office is reportedly on paid administrative leave. Hall maintains he had a perfect driving record before the cannabis incident.