Bad Piggies Out Today For iOS, Already Nabs No. 1 Download Spot

Bad Piggies, the newest game from Angry Birds creator Rovio, is now available for Apple iOS users, and the game has already nabbed the top spot on Apple’s download charts.

The game was released simultaneously today for iOS and Android device, and it is already the most-downloaded paid app for both iPhone and iPad users.

It is very rare for a brand new game to immediately reach the top of Apple’s App Store; however, Rovio has heavily advertised the new game, which is based off the extremely popular Angry Birds franchise.

Bad Piggies is a twist on the original Angry Bird franchise, this time placing the villainous pigs in the drivers seat. In the new game, players must help the piggies crack the eggs of the angry birds, and players are met with challenging puzzles and must build devices to move the pigs to each of their required destinations.

Rovio taking advantage of new technology has released a standard edition for smartphones and a crisp HD version that can be played on HD based tablets such as Apple’s Retina display.

The iPhone and iPod Touch versions run customers 99 cents while the iPad version is $2.99. Google Android versions are free at the moment in Google Play as the company celebrates 25 billion downloads over the last four years.

Unlike Rovio’s last game Amazing Alex, the Bad Piggies follow-up has managed decent reviews with an average 4.5 out of 5 stars via Google Play. Even with less than stellar reviews and similar gameplay to Bad Piggies, the Amazing Alex release also climbed to the top of Apple’s download charts but not quite as quickly as Bad Piggies.