Fifth Harmony’s Camila Cabello Injured After Being Hit In The Face During Concert [Video]

Fifth Harmony star Camila Cabello took to Twitter to tell fans that she was injured after a fan threw a plastic ball at her face during a concert.

A video of the incident captured by a concertgoer shows a fan throwing a plastic inflatable ball at Cabello during the girls’ latest “7/27 Tour” stop at Atlanta’s Chastain Park Amphitheatre on August 23, which then pushed Camila’s mic into her mouth and caused her to lose part of her tooth.

Fifth Harmony fan @logicnormila posted footage of the moment Cabello was hit in the face by the giant bouncing beach ball and showed Camila’s bandmate Lauren Jauregui attempt to hit the inflatable back into the crowd after a fan — seemingly accidentally — aimed the accessory at the girlbander from close range.

Fortunately for the Fifth Harmony star, Cabello’s injury was nothing more than a chipped tooth, though Camila took to Twitter following the incident to call the crowd “wild” and revealed exactly what happened when the concert accessory hit her in the face during the concert.


“So…. someone threw one of those plastic balls at me and hit the mic and a piece of my tooth fell!!!!” Camila told her almost three million Twitter followers following Fifth Harmony’s Atlanta concert.

Luckily, Cabello also didn’t seem too upset about the incident, rounding off her tweet by telling Fifth Harmony concert goers in the Georgia city “Atlanta….u wild…. love u” and even joking about her dental emergency in a follow up tweet.

“Here I am thinkin bout when I’ll find a luv like jack & rose,” Camila told Fifth Harmony fans of the iconic Titanic couple in another tweet posted to her page the day after being hit in the face by the inflatable ball, “& then I ran my tongue over my chipped front tooth, brought me back 2 reality.”

Camila Cabello also took to Snapchat to make light of losing part of her tooth during the concert situation, showing fans that a piece of her front tooth was missing after being hit in the face by the ball during Fifth Harmony’s show.


Posting a close-up shot of her mouth, Cabello captioned the snap, “Someone threw one of those plastic balls at me which hit me in the mic and chipped my tooth.”

Fifth Harmony fans were quick to respond to Camila’s messages about her tooth debacle with some sweet words, wishing Cabello well after being hit in the face by the beach ball concert accessory.

“We hope you’re well, happy like always, you never lose your smile,” Camila fan @CCabelloSP tweeted in response to the singer losing part of her tooth after being hit by the ball, and Fifth Harmony fan and Twitter user @EternallyAlex93 told Cabello, “I hope you’re alright.”

This isn’t the first time one of Fifth Harmony has suffered an on stage injury during the band’s “7/27 Tour,” as it was just days ago that Camila’s bandmate Ally Brooke appeared to sprain her ankle while on stage.

Fifth Harmony's Camila Cabello Injured After Fan Throws Object On Stage [Video] [Photo by Ernesto Distefano/Getty Images]Ally suffered a pretty painful injury to her foot whole the girls were performing at Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts, on July 28 as iHeartRadio reported that concertgoers saw Ally limping across the stage during Fifth Harmony’s show.

Fifth Harmony fan @kindlmj shared footage of Ally appeared to grit her teeth as she was unable to put her foot down while performing with Camila and their Fifth Harmony bandmates.

Ally later took to Twitter to address her injury, telling fans that she was in “major pain” during Fifth Harmony’s Boston gig but was okay following the incident. “My foot was in major pain but I got checked out and I should be fine for tomorrow,” Ally assured fans.

What do you think of Camila Cabello being hit in the face by an inflatable beach ball during Fifth Harmony’s concert?

[Photo by Sonia Recchia/Getty Images]