‘Celebrity Big Brother’ News: Aubrey O’Day Infuriated After Stephen Bear Pushes Pie In Her Face [Video]

Singer Aubrey O’Day was completely fed up with certain types of antics in the Celebrity Big Brother house, according to Wednesday night’s episode. Not only did she unexpectedly get hit in the face with a pie, Stephen Bear, the houseguest who engaged in the offending act, went on to attack fellow American Renee Graziano, all of which sent Aubrey over the edge.


It all began when houseguests were called into the Celebrity Big Brother Diary Room one-by-one and asked questions, reports the Irish Examiner. If they got a question correct they had the opportunity to win prizes, but only if they pulled the right cord that dangled above them. U.K. singer Samantha Fox, actor Ricky Norwood, and U.K. reality star Marnie Simpson won the prizes. Thus, they were given the luxury of eating several delicious pies. Those who lost were forbidden from eating the winning dessert delicacies.


Of course, this didn’t stop the resident Celebrity Big Brother troublemaker, U.K. reality star Stephen Bear, and TV personality Katie Waissel, from taking a bite of the other’s pies. As punishment, Big Brother lined up all houseguests in the backyard, telling the non-offending cast members they could hit both Bear and Katie in the face with custard pies.

Instead of everyone complying, as the cast mates lined up, Aubrey became distracted, and Bear felt compelled to run up to her and unexpectedly push a pie she held in her face.


Stunned, Aubrey stood there for a moment wiping pie out of her eyes. Bear appeared to think the whole thing was a big joke, but Aubrey was visibly fuming.


Aubrey then collected her thoughts, chased Bear around a bit with some pies, and then decided to get her revenge another way. She headed to the bedroom and began hurling pies and whatever other food she could find around the Celebrity Big Brother house into Bear’s bed.


Eventually, Bear tried to apologize to Aubrey with a scribbled note, but that did not go over well at all.


He then thought he’d retaliate for his bed being destroyed by throwing what looked like canned tomatoes all over her bedding, including her pillow and sheets. Due to his actions, Bear was scolded by Big Brother and told to cease such behavior.


All was not resolved, however, as at one point in the show, Bear was seen panicking over a “lucky” mask he had obtained from previously evicted houseguest Chloe Khan.


Unbeknownst to Bear, earlier in the evening Mob Wives star Renee, noticed it on the floor and slyly kicked it under the sofa when no one was looking. After Bear went on a rampage, accusing Renee of knowing what happened to his “property” and telling her he hoped for her sake the mask is still intact, he was called by Big Brother to the Diary Room.

While Bear spoke to Big Brother, Renee walked around the sofa and pretended to discover the mask, which calmed Bear down when he finally returned from the Diary Room. Renee was now heated and made her way to the Diary Room. She refused to look at the camera and sat with her back to Big Brother saying she’d had enough of Bear’s behavior and would no longer try to make peace with him. After around 47 minutes, she apologized to Big Brother and entered the Celebrity Big Brother house once again.


Bear sheepishly approached Renee to apologize for his earlier accusations about the mask, but she told him to not invade her space for the next three days and he agreed.

Peace did not last for long among the cast mates, however, as at approximately 11:52 p.m. Celebrity Big Brother house time Bear, Aubrey, and Renee were making their beds, as Bear quipped, “Talk about egos you two, I’d be embarrassed how you performed tonight,” directing his comment at the two women.

Aubrey responded with, “Bear, the only embarrassing person on this show is you. You’re f****** trash Bro, for real.” Bear continued calling Aubrey and Renee “embarrassing” for their reactions over the incidents of the day, however, Aubrey retorted that she and Renee care nothing about his opinion, and noted, “…in the real world you wouldn’t even be allowed to speak to us.”

Bear asked Aubrey why that would be and surmised out loud, “I haven’t got enough f***** money?” Aubrey said the reason would be due to his immature acts and then called him “trash.”

When Bear wished Aubrey “good luck” regarding the game, she told him he can win because this is apparently his dream and she has many other accomplishments, such as a platinum albums. Bear replied, “Look at the ego on you.”

Aubrey then said to Bear, “You’re like a f****** disease… you’re like herpes, you keep coming back and coming back…,” likely referring to the British public voting to keep Bear in the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Bear argued the whole nation likes him, but Aubrey disagreed saying he’s simply a joke for the audience to watch, but when his “15 minutes” are over he’ll have nothing because being a jerk won’t get him a paycheck in the future, as noted by Look.

When Bear wouldn’t back down and approached Aubrey, she walked towards him and proclaimed, “I’m not f****** scared of you. Figure out another f****** lane to walk in…” Renee grabbed hold of Aubrey, standing in front of her to keep her from going further, as Big Brother called Aubrey to the Diary Room several times during the tiff.

Bear yelled, “The truth hurts…,” to which Aubrey retorted, “The truth is you’re f******* waste of a life Bro.” Aubrey agreed to go to the Diary Room, but firmly stated, “Get him to get the f*** out of the room first.” When Bear swiftly walked away, she told him, “Go run you little b****.”

Finally in the Celebrity Big Brother Diary Room, Aubrey said she and Renee are being tortured by Bear because whatever tantrum he wants to have or mood he’s in controls the house, and she is absolutely sick of it.


Aubrey and the others won’t have to put up much longer with Bear and his shenanigans, as the Celebrity Big Brother 18 finale airs Friday.

[Image via Channel 5]