‘NCIS’ Season 14 Updates And Spoilers: Who Will Fill In The Vacant Desk?

NCIS Season 14 is right around the corner and fans are still wondering who will take the place of Michael Weatherly’s character Tony DiNozzo who vacated a significant part of the team in Season 13.

NCIS is returning for a new season next month but the question remains as to who will be taking the empty desk left by DiNozzo when he decided to be a daddy.

According to a recap of the Season 13 finale episode from TV Line, DiNozzo, whose un-repressive sense of humor brought a light air to the otherwise heavy content of the CBS drama series, found a deeply-rooted cause to leave the team.

During the NCIS Season 13 finale episode, it was revealed that Ziva got killed in the bombing of Davids’ farmhouse in Israel and left an unexpected surprise for Tony: a little girl named “Tali.”

Tali was brought to the NCIS headquarters by Mossad director Orli Elbaz who told the team that the little girl was Ziva’s daughter with Tony as the “only biological possibility” as the father.

Long story short, Tony then got to thinking about how his life would be now that someone is depending on him — now that to someone, he is everything. That then leads to Anthony DiNozzo’s inevitable farewell.

Giving him his blessing, Gibbs then tells him “You gotta do whatcha gotta do,” before giving him an unusual big hug and sending him off to say goodbye to the rest of the team.

According to Cinema Blend, Weatherly revealed his farewell from the show beforehand, admitting that he had to focus on his new show Bull where he will be spending more time in a suit.

Now that the team is one agent less, Gibbs appears to be no close to finding a replacement for his right-hand man despite many eligible candidates that comes his way.

In fact, at least two agents are expected to fill in the space DiNozzo left as Gibbs “burned through” all six of them, according to showrunner Gary Glasberg.

Talking to TV Line, Glasberg revealed that Gibbs is trying but failing to find the perfect replacement for DiNozzo.

“Gibbs has been trying — unsuccessfully! — to find an agent to take over the empty desk [where DiNozzo sat].”

Glasberg then reveals that this cues the entrance of Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC) instructor NCIS Special Agent Alex Quinn, played by Jennifer Esposito, to ask Gibbs exactly what he is after.

“So she basically shows up and says to Gibbs, ‘What the hell is wrong with you?!'” he says.

Then more candidates enter including NCIS Special Agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) who has long been undercover for the team, as well as MI6 Officer Clayton Reeves, played by Duane Henry, who will be introduced in Episode 5.

With this, Glasberg confirms that there will be at least two agents to be added to Gibbs’ team which brings to light another question: How will they all fit in the squadron room?

“There’s something really fun coming up — we’ve rearranged things a bit. I think the fans are going to go a little crazy,” Glasberg reveals, confirming a new set arrangement in the show and maybe some other surprise.

He then admits that the unexpected cast shake-up caught him by surprise. However, he says he and the rest of the NCIS family are happy for Weatherly and his new show even if it means losing a significant part of the team.

“It’s interesting, because we obviously lost Michael Weatherly, and we’re so happy for him — [his new show Bull] is going to be on right after ours – and yet after 13 years, you go, ‘Wow, now we have a new injection of different energy.'”

NCIS Season 14 is set to return on September 20, Tuesday at 8 p.m., on CBS.

[Image via CBS]