Carly Waddell, Amanda Stanton, And Josh Murray Support Ashley Iaconetti Amidst Backlash Over Caila Quinn Treatment

Ashley Iaconetti has received quite a bit of viewer criticism and backlash after what happened on the latest Bachelor in Paradise Season 3 episode. What did Ashley do that was so wrong? Tuesday night’s episode showed Ashley saying some very mean things about Jared Haibon’s love interest, Caila Quinn. Despite having just promised the cast that she’ll change her ways if they’ll let her stay on despite not having received a rose at the latest rose ceremony, Ashley continued to badger Jared about being in a relationship with her. Ashley even took it one step further by trying to convince Jared that Caila was fake and just wants a televised storybook romance. During her confessional interviews, Ashley called Caila names and vowed that she’ll destroy her budding relationship with Jared.

Amidst the viewer backlash, Ashley has received the public support of several of her co-stars. As the latest episode aired on Tuesday night, Carly Waddell, Amanda Stanton, and Josh Murray posted tweets in support of Ashley. Their tweets not only stuck up for Ashley but also claimed that Ashley wasn’t the only person in Paradise to question Caila’s true character.

Carly, who was also on the spin-off’s second season with Ashley, tweeted that Ashley wasn’t the only person who was questioning Caila’s feelings for Jared. Carly said that everyone on the cast was questioning Caila.


When a viewer asked, in response to Carly’s tweet, whether other cast members shared their concerns with Jared in un-aired scenes, Ashley said yes.


Ashley added that people questioned Caila’s feelings for Jared not simply because she was so indecisive about going out on a date with newcomer Brett Melnick despite Jared’s feelings for her.


Josh, who has been portrayed as a bit of villain himself this season due to his romance with Amanda and drama with rival Nick Viall, tweeted that Ashley’s an “amazing” person and told people that there’s more to the situation than what everyone thinks.


Amanda asked that people not to hate on Ashley for just saying what everyone else is thinking. Apparently, Amanda questioned Caila’s feelings for Jared too.


Emily Ferguson, who was romantically interested in Jared prior to Caila’s arrival and then tearfully cried over her rejection and insulted Caila in her confessional interviews when Jared chose Caila over her, re-tweeted both Carly Waddell’s and Amanda Stanton’s tweets. Emily’s twin, Haley Ferguson also re-tweeted both tweets, as well as Josh Murray’s tweet.

Were the other cast members not only questioning Caila’s true feelings for Jared but also, like Ashley, questioning her general authenticity and genuineness as well? Caila, who was previously on Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor, has continued to show herself as nothing but a very nice woman who never says a mean word about anyone and always has a smile on her face. Is that personality faked for a TV audience or is she really just that sweet?


On the latest Bachelor in Paradise episode, Ashley Iaconetti cried as she thought about the possibility of Jared Haibon leaving the show in love with and engaged to Caila Quinn. When Season 2 alums Tanner Tolbert and Jade Roper, who got engaged on the Season 2 finale and are now married, arrived to interview the couples to decide who to give a date card to, Ashley vowed that she’ll destroy Jared and Caila’s chances of winning the date. In her interview with Tanner and Jade, Ashley told them that Caila was not genuine and that she wasn’t as interested in Jared than she should be.

“So as far as I’ve heard, he’s definitely more into her than she is into him and I’m like really thinking of her as a faker person.”

In her confessional interview, Ashley voiced happiness that she just ruined Caila and Jared’s chances of getting the date card from Tanner and Jade, who watched her pursue Jared on the previous season.

“I just hit the nail in the coffin for Jared. Jared and Caila are not in consideration for Jade and Tanner’s date card. No way.”


Ashley’s tactic didn’t work. Tanner and Jade granted Jared and Caila the date card. To the camera, Ashley called Caila a “little piece of s**t.”

“Dear God, please help Jared realize today that Caila sucks and that I’m a lot more fun and she is a little piece of s**t.”

Jared and Caila’s romantic date went well, with the both of them telling the other that they really like one another and enjoy spending time together. It ended with them making out in the water in their swimwear. The show intersected scenes of Jared and Caila’s make-out session with Ashley’s interview in which she implied that Caila will sexually do what it takes in to secure Jared if given the chance to go in on a fantasy suite date with him.

“Knowing Jared in most cases, he wouldn’t do anything but I feel like she does have something on him and he’s going to do stuff in the fantasy suite and that is going to literally murder me.”

The next day, Ashley stepped up her effort to tear apart Jared and Caila. She told the camera that she knows how to get a reaction out of Jared and that while Caila can be making out with him, she can make out with his mind. Ashley said that it’s fun to threaten Caila and that it’ll take a lot more time for Caila to be a more special person in Jared’s life.


Over breakfast, Ashley outright told Jared that Caila wasn’t being real with him.

“I think it’s obvious that you are more into her than she is into you…She is a robot Jared. I’m sorry. I think she just likes the thought of having something televised as happily ever after. You think it’s coming from a place of jealousy? She is not awesome.”

Jared promptly went to talk to Caila. He confessed that people were questioning her feelings for him. Caila suspected immediately that the “people” was really Ashley. Caila immediately confronted Ashley about interfering in her relationship with Jared.

“This is not fair for people to wonder if my feelings are real. If you are honestly here to meet someone else, then you should focus on that. [After Ashley says there’s no one else she’s interested in at the moment] Okay so you’re going to sabotage everyone else? Like you want to entertain yourself? I’ve been hesitant about things, doesn’t mean I don’t like him.”

Ashley defended herself by telling Caila that she has the right to tell Jared what people have been saying.

On Twitter, Ashley admitted that she wasn’t her best self and that she could have behaved better. Yet she also added that she stands by her concerns.


Despite what happened on Bachelor in Paradise, Jared Haibon has apparently forgiven Ashley Iaconetti. As the Inquisitr reported, Jared said in a recent interview that he’s still great friends with Ashley. As for Ashley’s relationship with Caila Quinn, Jared, not surprisingly, said that people shouldn’t expect to see them hanging out with one another anytime soon.

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