Back-To-School Rap Music Video From Dwayne Reed, Chicago School Teacher, Goes Viral: Plus, Here Are The Best Back-To-School Tips For Parents

It is that time of year again: back to school. Who is Dwayne Reed? The school teacher from Chicago whose back to school rap music video he made for his students has gone viral.

Students across the country may be dreading that back-to-school time is just around the corner, but fourth-grade science teacher Dwayne Reed had his own ideas about how to get his students pumped up for school.

Instead of a newsletter or a syllabus, Mr. Reed from Chicago wrote an awesome rap song and filmed a music video to welcome his students to his class and back to school at Jane Stenson Elementary School. He called the tune “Welcome to the 4th Grade.”

“Hello, I’m your teacher/My name’s Mr. Reed and it’s very nice to meet ya.”

“It’s my first year teaching so it’s all real exciting/Got some ideas and I’d really like to try them/Like making up songs to remember what you hear/We’ll be learning so much by the end of the year.”

Looks like it will be an exciting year for Mr. Reed’s fourth-grade class.

His Twitter bio reads simply, “Believer. Teacher.” He is originally from East Garfield Park, a suburban neighborhood just north of the city, but he now lives in Skokie to be closer to Jane Stenson Elementary School.

Chicago’s NBC5 interviewed the the school teacher after his video began to go viral.

“I think I’m somewhat gifted at music. It’s simply a way for me to try to connect with my students. Regardless of how cheesy it is, if it helps them remember something, if it helps them excel on the test, or in life, I’m fine with it, I’m backing it.”

It looks like Mr. Reed has already won over the kids, and his students look to have a fun year of learning ahead.

Speaking of back to school, parents are beginning to prepare for the school year ahead. Back-to-school time can be hectic for both parents and kids, but there are definitely some tips to help parents get this school year off to a great start.

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As the new school year approaches, the first thing that often comes to a parent’s mind is their child’s safety. It is important to reiterate to your children the importance of not talking to strangers and being aware of their surroundings. Find out if your child’s school has any policies regarding early arrivals or late pick-ups. Learn about the school’s entrance and exit policies.


Introduce yourself to your child’s new teacher. Be sure to ask him or her about the preferred method of communication. Some teachers are even active on social media, while others still prefer being contacted on the phone or to schedule in-person meetings.


Make homework a known priority for your children, and make it a daily habit. Set aside a quiet and consistent place for your kid to sit and complete his or her homework after school each day. Remove any distractions from the area. If your child seems to be having difficulty with their homework, make an appointment with their teacher so that they can figure out how to get your child the extra help they need.


Maybe it’s time to take some more control over your child’s TV time this year. It helps to make TV a family activity and something that you can do together with your kids. Too much TV isn’t good for anyone, so limit the amount of time your child watches TV to prevent them from going overboard.

During the summer, it’s easy to quickly get off schedule without school structuring your child’s day, especially when it comes to bedtime. Once back-to-school time rolls around, it will be easier for you and your kids to get back on track with a regular sleep schedule and bedtime. Sleep is essential for a healthy and productive school year. Try having them go to bed earlier and wake up earlier a week or two in advance before school actually starts.


Try to make some more healthy meals and snacks this year! It is so much easier if you pack your kids lunches at the beginning of the week so that they are good to go each day. Studies show that children who eat healthy, balanced breakfasts and lunches do better in school.


Per Fox19, studies have shown that kids and teens need more sleep each night that a grown adult. Kids are suggested to get nine to 12 hours of sleep, while teens are suggested to get eight to 10 hours of sleep.

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It might also be a good idea to get your child in with the doctor for a check-up before the school year officially begins. Most schools require up-to-date immunizations, and you may be asking to provide paperwork showing that your child has all the necessary shots and vaccines. Always keep your own copies of your medical records.


Back-to-school time doesn’t have to be hectic and stressful. Plan and prepare ahead of time and the transition from the beach to the classroom will be much smoother.


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