Teen sells PSP, gets kidnapped by buyer

Chris Greenhough

Ever purchased a product you weren't entirely happy with? If so, you may have written a stern letter, or argued with a store clerk. Jose Eduardo Espinosa-Arellano of American Fork, Utah, the charming owner of the face above, decided such measures were lightweight and ineffective. Instead, he kidnapped a teenager who sold him a faulty PSP.

This sorry tale began when Espinosa-Arellano bought a PSP from the 17-year-old victim, only to get it home and find the handheld didn't work. Instead of leaving negative feedback on eBay, Espinosa-Arellano drove across town to confront the seller and said, "Let's go for a ride," and for some reason the kid got in the damn car. God only knows why.

After being driven twenty miles up the road to Salt Lake City, the teenage seller suddenly twigged that this situation had the potential to not end well. Panicking, he began texting friends, only to bail from the vehicle when his kidnapper stopped at a red light. Wise.

According to one police officer, Espinosa-Arellano "made comments to him [that] were very concerning to the victim. He felt like he was in grave danger, and that's the reason he jumped out of the car." Fortunately, Espinosa-Arellano is now behind bars and could be charged with kidnapping. He ... might have to wait for a refund.

[KSL-TV, via Kotaku]