DIY ‘Fallout 4’ Modding: Cosplay Character Costumes Of Vault Pip Boy, Power Armor, And Weapons For Halloween 2016 Via A 3D Printer Or Blacksmith

Fallout 4 is ending this year with the Nuka-Cola World DLC, and with DIY Halloween costumes on the horizon stirring the spirit of the Commonwealth, cosplay enthusiasts will enjoy their street parties at the end of October. First timers may want to impress their friends with some power armor and weapons from the wasteland.

So here’s an instructional video on how to make these cosplay accessories for all your Halloween cosplay Fallout characters costumes, according to Geek. Of course, they are only to be used on super mutants and raiders, so cosplay responsibly.

Fallout 4 costumes will probably be in demand come October, and video game fans requested the expert Man-at-Arms blacksmiths of Baltimore Knife and Sword to fabricate authentic weapons of the wasteland. They flipped a cap to see who went first.

Bladed Aluminum Baseball Bat

The iconic Fallout 4 weapons, coined “Swatters” in Diamond City, are fan favorites when it comes to blunt/edged instruments. The lone wanderer has grown quite familiar with the vendor that sells these heavily modified sports gear-turned-weapons.

Now you can make them in your own workshop granted you have the proper equipment, and they would make a wonderful addition to those cosplay Halloween power armor costumes.

One fabricator worked on the bladed aluminum baseball bat. For those who haven’t bartered or spent caps on this, it looks like a baseball bat with two saw blades on either side of its end. It’s mounted with some gnarly barbed wire.

Oak Bat With Nails

The second Man-at-Arms competitor got the luxury of putting together the recognizable oak bat with nails in it. All it took was a lathe, and he fashioned a spinning block of wood material.


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Kremvh’s Tooth Weapon

Moving on to Man-at-Arms number three is the lucky guy got to create a Kremvh’s Tooth. To even look at it makes you cringe with its irregular blade that can easily tear flesh to shreds. In the Fallout 4 game, it’s an upgraded machete, but the weapons maker decided to start from scratch by using some plate steel using a typical machete blade measurement.

These Halloween costumes aren’t for the faint of heart, so it may not even be recommended out on the street except for only the fictional Fallout 4 wasteland.

Fallout’s Ripper Weapon

There are safer alternatives via 3D printing technology. Enter the “The Ripper” in all its glory. Just imagine taking a buck knife and motorizing it in the form of a one-handed chainsaw. This is a design brought to you by Daniel Lilygreen, and it is an impressive find in the Fallout 4 wasteland.

X-01 Power Armor Helmet

This 3D-printed DIY Fallout helmet is impressive, and it’s available thanks to Daniel Lilygreen. According to Makers, the design has separate smaller prints of 37 pieces, so it’s not going to come out in one complete piece.

It looks very video game accurate with all the bells and whistles considering this is one of the more powerful power armors in the Fallout game. While it is available, it lacks the materials list and exploded diagram that Daniel promises to have available very soon.

Make Your Own 3D-Printed Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV

During a time when this highly sought-after bulky smartwatch of the wasteland was sold out immediately, there was still hope. Enter the Pip-Boy 3000 replica unit that was printed via 3D printing technology. The below video shows it can also mount a smartphone with the Fallout game app.

Resources to get started are at The Pip-Boy could add a finishing touch to your DIY Fallout Halloween costume ensemble.

How many Fallout fanatics will attempt to impress the world come Halloween night with their DIY Fallout 4 cosplay costumes?

[Photo by Charles Sykes/AP Images]