Almost Brilliant: Illegal Immigrant Caught Trying To Cross Border Disguised As A Car Seat

If his plan had worked, a Guinean man would have crossed into Spain without detection. The border hopper had disguised himself as a car seat.

The African Movie Reporter managed to pick up several images from the border patrol discovery in which the man was literally placed inside the seats frame and then covered over with the seats original materials.

The driver was in the vehicle with another Moroccan man, and he was literally sitting on the third man who was inside of the vehicle’s seat.

According to UK’s Telegraph:

“Police only realized there was a third man inside the Moroccan-plated Renault 7 when they started examining the seat—and touched flesh instead of foam.”

The two Moroccan men were immediately taken into custody while the man from Guinea was taken to a detention center.

This is not the first time a man from Guinea has tried to disguise himself as a seat; several years ago, a similar discovery was made in a van seat.

While not the perfect way to enter a foreign country, a good stitch job over fabric and better foam covering could have made all the difference in this border crossing attempt.

Here is the video report which showcases the framing the man sat inside:

Fox News Latino notes that “the Civil Guard emphasized the ‘originality’ of the camouflage.”

The “cage” the man sat inside definitely does not look comfortable, especially with someone sitting on top of the illegal border crosser. Do you think this plan could work if its execution were handled better?